Related Courses

The following courses explore questions related to this year's ethics theme of Borders from a wide variety of perspectives. 

Course Name and Number
ART 32000: Art of India
BIMD 18100: Global Health Issues
COMM 25000: Communication Between Cultures
ENGL 35900: World Literature
FRCL 10101: Ethics in US Foreign Policy
HIST 28000: Seminar - History of North Korea
INTD 30130: Invading Oz
INTD 30290: Culture and Ethics of Food
INTD 39300: China - Tradition and Change
MUSI 10301: World Music
PHIL 2700: Environmental Ethics
PHIL 27200: Ethical Thinking
PHIL 28000: Seminar - Latin American Philosophy
POLS 23100: International Politics
POLS 23400: Politics of Developing Areas
POLS 28000: Seminar - International Terrorism 
POLS 33500: Towards a Global State
RELG 28000: Seminar - Outer Space and Religion
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