Fireside Chats

Join us every Wednesday evening for an hour or two of stimulating conversation with local entrepreneurs!  If you have ever wondered how businesses or organizations get started, here's the chance to find out.

Each Wednesday an entrepreneur will tell their story.  Some of these entrepreneurs may be well seasoned, some may be just starting out.  Hear how they did it...what they did right...what they might do differently...what they might do next!

Students can earn ACES points for attending, so meet us in the East Hall Lobby at 7 p.m. by the fireplace. 

Fireside Chats - Fall 2014 (Wednesdays at 7 p.m.)

Sept. 3:  Helping Colleges Market Internationally! with Kevin Wang, Co-Founder, Mango.

The idea for mango came out of Kevin’s participation, along with four other Case students, in Entrepreneurship Immersion Week last year at Hiram.  Mango is a digital advertising platform to help colleges recruit international students. Kevin was the only one of the five to keep at it; participating in the FlashStarts Accelerator 2014 program and launching a pilot program with five schools this July. And you guessed it - Hiram College is one of the five.  Come hear this young entrepreneur’s story! 

Sept. 10:  E = R! with Thom Ruhe, Founder and President, EcDev Partners LLC.

As Founder and President of EcDev Partners LLC, Thom is leveraging over a decade of work in entrepreneurial driven economic development. Capitalizing on the many programmatic accomplishments during his tenure at the Kauffman Foundation, Thom is now working with communities around the world to reap the benefits of democratizing entrepreneurship.  

(THURSDAY) Sept. 18:  Innovation: Powering People Forward! with Ryan Farris, Engineering Manager, Parker Hannifin Corporation.

Big corporations can be entrepreneurial (often called intrapreneurial), too.  Best known for its hydraulic pumps and electric motors in the mobile, industrial and aerospace industries, Parker Hannifin decided to take its expertise to the medical device industry.  The company licensed technology from Vanderbilt University to develop Indego, a powered exoskeleton that assists paraplegics, stroke victims and other paralyzed or semi-paralyzed people to walk independently.  Come hear Ryan share the story of the development of this amazing technology! 

Sept. 24:  Sweat, Hydrate, Pursue! with Jarred and Brandon Smith, Creators and Co-Founders, NOOMA. 

As avid hockey players, drinking their fair share of sports drinks, Jarred began to experience acid reflux problems as a result of the drinks’ elevated acid content.  So the brothers sought to create a healthier sports drink without all the sugary acid, and thus NOOMA was born, right here in Cleveland. Come hear how they are pursuing their dream! 

Oct. 8:  From Mom and Pop to Millionaires! with Rita Scott, President, Young Explorers Montessori

Twelve years ago Rita was walking around with a cashed-out 401(k) and an 8 page business plan, trying to get a loan.  Hear the crazy but true story of getting a loan, opening a set of northeast Ohio child care centers, expanding, and weathering the recession to become husband and wife self-made millionaires - and the reason behind it all. 

Oct. 15:  Social Enterprise: Money, Mission and Making a Difference! with Bill Leamon, Joe DeLoss, and Alison Tanker

Join us to learn about the growing area of social enterprise, where money and mission come together to make a sustainable difference.  Come learn about The Business of Good Foundation, hear Joe’s social enterprise journey with Nobul, Alison’s Tigress journey to empower females through entrepreneurship, and learn about the work of The Business of Good Foundation and SEA Change, a social enterprise accelerator.

Oct. 22:  Developing the Secret Sauce for Success! with Forrest Reed, Founder, R&R Specialty Foods.

For recent Hiram grad Forrest Reed finding success was literally all about the sauce. As a sophomore, Forrest with the help of several classmates, took his great-grandmother’s recipe and developed it into a versatile cooking sauce called 7thSymphony, now on the shelves in 18 different store locations.  Since graduation, Forrest has also become a co-owner of a Guy’s Pizza franchise.  Come hear how Forrest’s Hiram education and experience helped this young entrepreneur!

Oct. 29:  Title TBD with Toby and Melanie Maloney

Stay tuned for more details!

Nov. 5:  This Doc Makes House Calls! with Sharmyn Clark, DVM, Mobile Veterinary Care

What started out as a veterinary service for pet owners that were disabled or elderly, quickly expanded to include anyone who wanted in-home veterinary service.  Find out how this not so common delivery of care method, and her work with rescue and wild animals, has differentiated Dr. Clark among her peers, and landed her an unexpected role in a proposed TV series called “House Call Vets” on A&E.

Fireside Chats - Spring 2014

  • Family Business is in the Bag - or is it? with Anahid Thompson, Co-founder of Noubar Bags, Ltd. (1/22/14)
  • Powering Connections! with Lev Gonick, Co-founder and CEOr, OneCommunity (1/29/14)
  • A Squeaky Clean Idea! with Dave Baiko, Founder and CEO, Shower City LLC (2/5/14)
  • Mustard: It's not Just a Condiment! with Jim '88 and Karen '89 Scher, owners, Uncle Jim's Pepper Mustard (2/12/14)
  • Hiram's Entrepreneurial President! with Thomas V. Chema, President, Hiram College (2/19/14)
  • Growing Greens by Going Green! with Tim Ryan, Co-founder, Great Lakes Growers LLC (2/26/14)
  • Driven by Passion! with Chris Hostetter, Co-owner, Titan Media Blasting (3/5/14)
  • Taking Cleveland Clinic's Expertise to Market! with Dr. Thomas Graham, Chief Innovation Officer, Cleveland Clinic Innovations (CCI) (3/26/14)
  • A Flowering Entrepreneur! with William Goldner '78, National Program Leader, USDA-NIFA, and co-owner, Woodstream Orchids (4/2/14)

Fireside Chats - Fall 2013

  • “A Brighter Idea!” with Gary Allen, Physicist, Principal Engineer, LED Innovation Team, General Electric (9/4/13)
  • Making a Difference! with Rob Nicholson, serial, social entrepreneur and Founder, Nicholson Center (9/25/13)
  • The Psychology of Management!  with Dr. Kimberly Bell, Management Psychologist, PRADCO (10/2/13)
  • It’s What You Say, Now How You Say It! with Nobby Lewandowski (10/9/13)
  • Lights, Camera, Action! with Nancy Carver Adams ’65 & Matt Starr, Co-Owners, I-CONN Video Production (10/16/13)
  • Liberal Arts for a Life Time! with Marshall Winkle ’57, retired HR Director, Ariel Corporation (10/23/13)
  •  What Color Are Your Glasses? with Mel McGee, CEO& Director of Technology, Sales Whale, President, imageNation, and Google Glass Explorer (10/30/13)
  • The Business of Healing! with Dr. John Cassidy ’76, CMO, CEO, President, Nexus Health Systems (11/6/13)

Fireside Chats - Spring 2013

  • Partnering with a Winning Brand! with Sal Baglieri, Owner/Operator, McDonald’s (1/16/13)
  • Keepin’ It Fresh! with Trevor Clatterbuck, founder, Fresh Fork Market (1/23/13)
  • A Dynamic Duo! with Halle and Benjamin Barnett, co-owners media.schmedia and mighty little (1/30/13)
  • Helping Students Achieve! with Jimmy Malone, co-host of the Lanigan & Malone Show on WMJI 105.7 FM, and founder of the Malone Scholarship Fund (2/6/13)
  • Money from a Hole in the Ground!  with Nick Barron, founder, Hole Patch, LLC (2/13/13)
  • Providing Support for Start-ups! with Jack Crews, President & CEO, Regional Economic Growth Corporation (2/20/13)
  • Revolutionizing Recycling! with Jay Schabel, CEO of RESPolyflow (3/13/13)
  • Launching Bio-Tech Spin-Outs! with Al Hawkins, Vice President of Business Development, BioMotiv LLC (3/20/13)
  • An Entrepreneur’s Day at the Beach! with Debbie Kuhn ‘86, founder girltrunks (3/27/13)

Fireside Chats - Fall 2012

  • The Business of Art! with Anthony (Tony) Mastromatteo, artist (9/5/12)
  • Mustard: It's not just a Condiment! with Jim '88 and Karen '89 Scher, Owners (9/12/12)
  • For-Profit Meets Not-For-Profit! with Jennifer Fredricks '95, President, Cancer Angel Network and Phire Branded Apparel and Graphics (9/19/12)
  • Baking Up Success! with Christina Benton '02 WEC, owner Just Pizzelles (9/26/12)
  • Spice it Up! with Sally Koepke, co-founder, Mom's Gourmet, LLC. (10/10/12)
  • Healthy Food from a Vending Machine?! with Tim Klug, co-founder, Essentially Organic Vending (10/17/12)
  • The Family Business! with James Busch '86, President, Busch Funeral Homes (10/24/12)
  • Find a Need and Fill It! with Bonnie Warren, Owner, Comfort Keepers (10/31/12)
  • Discovering Your Authentic Work! with Harriet Rubin, founder of Currency Imprint and Double Day Publishing; contributing editor for Fast Company Magazine; author; journalist; and Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow (11/7/12) 

Fireside Chats - Spring 2012

  • Acting Intrapreneurially! with Erik Weyls, President, Coventya, Inc. (1/18/12)
  • Applying 21st Century Technology to a Centuries-Old Process! With Tom Lix, CEO, Cleveland Whiskey (1/25/12) 
  • A Family E-Affair! with Bill Moss ’79, President, Towpath Polymers and David Moss, Founder, MossMedia (2/1/12)
  • Hatching Great Ideas! With Jim Cossler, Chief Evangelist, Youngstown Business Incubator, John Dearborn, President, JumpStart Inc., and Dar Caldwell, Founder and managing Partner, Shaker LaunchHouse (2/8/12) 
  • The Internship Queen! with Lauren Berger, CEO of Intern Queen Inc. and National College Speaker (2/15/12)
  • The Power of Love! with Alka Subramanian, Founder, Power of Love Foundation (2/22/12)
  • Success= Integrity + Connecting the Dots! with Dr. Fujita, Founder, President and CEO, Quality Electrodynamics LLC (QED) (2/29/12) 
  • Focused on Success! with Lisa Orlandi, Founder and President of Focus Design Technologies (3/14/12)
  • Building a Bio-Enterprise in Northeast Ohio! with Jon Snyder, President and CEO, Neuros Medical (3/21/12)

Fireside Chats - Fall 2011

  • Sweet Entrepreneurship! with Joel Fink, owner, Fantasy Candy (9/7/11)
  • Envisioning Success! with Tony Manna, President, Signet Enterprises (9/14/11)
  • Manufacturing in a Global Economy! with Michael Canty, CEO, President and Chairman of Alloy Bellows (9/21/11)
  • Food, Glorious Food! with Anne Hayman '88, chef and owner, On the Spot Gourmet (9/28/11)
  • A Business Born of Necessity! with Kimberlee Ullner, Founder, President, 1-2-3 Gluten Free (10/5/11)
  • Take Note! with Art Geigel '05, President and Founder, Ground Booth Software, Inc. (10/12/11)
  • From Hiram College to Silicon Valley! with Jim Waschura '83, President and Founder, SyntheSys Research, Inc. (10/19/11)
  • The Art of the Merger! with Doug Grimm '84, Chairman, President & CEO, Grede Holdings LLC. (10/26/11)
  • The Art of Publishing! with Molly McQuade (11/9/11)
  • Collaborating to be Green! with Bud Perry and Robert Stockham, Principals of Great Lakes Design (11/16/11)

Fireside Chats - Spring 2011

  • The Business of Art! with Clayton Pond (1/19/2011)
  • International Entrepreneur! with Isaac Yomtovian (1/26/2011)
  • The Art of the Merger! with Doug Grimm '84, Chairman, President & CEO, Grede Holdings LLC (2/2/2011)
  • GREENnPower! with Aaron LeMieux, Founder & CEO, Tremont Electric (2/9/2011)
  • Exit Strategy! with Kipp Krukowski, Owner & President, Confidential Business Sales, Inc. (2/16/2011)
  • On the Move with Mobile Food! with Chris Hodgson and Jeremy Esterly, owners, Dim and Den Sum Food Truck (2/23/2011) From Nurse to CEO! with Sandra Maddock, CEO & President, IMARC Research (3/16/2011) A Non-Profit Acting Entrepreneurially! with Dennis Allen, CEO, Hattie Larlham (3/23/2011) Measure 'Em Up! with Alex Neals, President, MeasureMeUp! (3/30/2011) A Lifestyle Brand of Doing Well While Doing Good! with Sharie Renee, Creator and President, Cosmic Bobbins (4/6/11)
  • Fireside Chats - Fall 2010
  • Mustard, It's Not Just a Condiment! with Jim '88 and Karen '89 Scher, Owners (9/8/10)
  • Acting Intrapreneurially! with Erik Weyls, President, Coventya, Inc. (9/15/10)
  • Global E-Commerce! with Michael Keresman III, CEO, President and Chairman of CardinalCommerce Corporation (9/22/10)
  • Risky Business! with Steve Osborn, President, Trilogy Plastics (9/29/10)
  • Imagine "What If...! with Jennifer Miller '01, Founder, President, Mission Savvy (10/6/10) Supporting New Business in Northeast Ohio! with Dennis Cocco & Cliff Reynolds, Co-Directors, GLIDE and the Innovation Fund (10/13/10)
  • When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Goat Cheese! Part II, with Jean Mackenzie, founder of Mackenzie Creamery (10/20/10)
  • Building a Bio-Enterprise in Northeast Ohio! with Jon Snyder, President and CEO, Neuros Medical (10/27/10)
  • Building the Future, One Venture at a Time! with Bill Recker, Hiram Trustee and Founder, IronBridge Partners (11/10/10)
  • On the Cutting Edge in Garrettsville! with Bill Whittenberger, President Catacel (11/17/10)
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