Health, Counseling and Disability Services

Health Center

The Student Health Center, located on the corner of Hinsdale St. and Peckham St., strives to maintain optimum physical and emotional health of the Hiram College student body through the provision of quality, accessible, comprehensive, and cost-effective primary health care. The Health Center also promotes healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices through ongoing educational outreach and programming.

Disability Services

Disability Services at Hiram College provides classroom services including alternative test formats, low-distraction testing areas, note-takers, help with time management, peer tutors, group study sessions and more.

Counseling Services

The focus of the Counseling Center is to help students with the normal, short-term issues that are typical of this age. Some of the typical issues discussed are: adjustment to college, making friends, depression, anxiety, relationships, sexuality, self-esteem, family issues, academic concerns, loneliness, self-confidence, grief & loss, suicidal thoughts, and substance use/abuse.

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