Student Academic Success Advising Workbook Class of 2020

The mission of Hiram College is to foster intellectual excellence and social responsibility, enabling our students to thrive in their chosen careers, flourish in life, and face the urgent challenges of the times.

The purpose of the Student Academic Success Advising Workbook is to help you start making choices about your college career. In preparation for your orientation session, this guide will help you choose your fall semester classes. Beyond your first semester, this guide will help you think about choosing a major and planning the start of your career.

For now, read through the following pages and start thinking about what classes you want to take this fall. Jot down your ideas so that you're ready to talk about your plans during your registration and scheduling appointment at orientation.

The Hiram Plan

You've heard it before. Many times, probably. Hiram College has a distinctive academic calendar...blah, blah, blah. Well, it's true, and now you're about to experience what that means. Remember all students at Hiram take classes (usually three) in the 12-week, followed by one 3-week course every semester. So as you start thinking about scheduling, keep this in mind. Your 12-week classes will be pretty typical, resembling what you experienced in high school. Your 3-week classes will be very different. You'll be in just one class, for several hours a day, several days a week. It will be immersive, challenging and fun. As you think ahead to your sophomore year and beyond, you might even consider using your 3-week for an off-campus experience, internship or study abroad!

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