Hiram College

Anthony “AJ” Armstrong

Hometown: Howland, OH
High school: Howland High School
Major: English/Philosophy

Campus involvement:
•  Resident assistant
•  Terrier guide
• Baseball team
•  National Day of Service

Fun Fact: I want to be president of the United States of American one day.

Why I love Hiram: I love Hiram for the community.  Everyone feels that we are in this together and we all do our part to help.

Megan Chaplin

Hometown: Middleberg Heights, OH
High school: Berea-Midpark High School
Major: Psychology/Neuroscience

Campus involvement:
•  Resident assistant
• Silver Eagles Drill Team
•  Relay for Life

Fun Fact: I play guitar and drums.
Why I love Hiram: I love Hiram for the small community and close relationships you form with professors.

Jimmy Cross

Hometown: Austintown, Ohio
High school: Lordstown High School
Major: Communication
Campus involvement:
•  Welcome Center
• Student assistant varsity men’s basketball coach
• Basketball coach at Kyrie Irving Camp, Independence, OH
•  Lordstown High School K-8 basketball camps

Fun Fact: I actually love to talk in front of people.
Why I love Hiram: The professors here have made a huge impact for my experience at Hiram College.  They actually make an effort for you to receive the help you need to pass your classes.

Brandon Eddinger

Hometown: Austintown, Ohio
High school: Jackson-Milton High School
Major: Marketing
Campus involvement:
•  Hiram Band
• Trading Card Club
• Ski Club
• Disc Golf

Fun Fact: Xbox is my favorite activity. Halo series is my favorite game on Xbox.
Why I love Hiram: The people, there are so many great people here who are not only friendly but willing to help and guide you whenever you need it.

Shannon Enoch

Hometown: Garrettsville, Ohio
High school: James A. Garfield High School
Major: Communication
Campus involvement:
• Habitat for Humanity
• Cheerleader
• Student Senate Vice President of Administration
• Hovel member

Fun Fact: I can burp the alphabet.
Why I love Hiram: The small size makes the campus close-knit, safe, and friendly.  The class sizes help students connect with their professors, and the overall student spirit of the college makes it enjoyable.


Claire Esposito

Hometown: Wickliffe, Ohio
High school: Lake Catholic High School
Major: Mathematics/Licensure in Education
Campus involvement:
• Philosophy Forum
• Math Club
• Admissions Office student employee
• ARCH Tutor

Fun Fact: My pinkies look proportional with my hands, but when compared to other people’s pinkies, they are quite small and disproportionate.
Why I love Hiram: The atmosphere is absolutely amazing.  The feeling of comfort and love you experience just from entering a building or walking from class to class is something you cannot experience anywhere else.  The sense of family and love that is received from everyone around campus is something to treasure and truly appreciate.  Also, the faculty and teachers truly care about their students and want them to succeed.  That is something I find unique and special about Hiram.

Jenni Heid

Hometown: Stow, Ohio
High school: Stow Munroe Falls High School
Major: Biology/Pre-Vet Focus
Campus involvement:
• Women’s Varsity Swim Team
• Vice President of Veticus (PreVet club)
•ARCH Tutor
• Student Ambassador

Fun Fact: I hate tomatoes and things made of them (yes, even ketchup).
Why I love Hiram: I love Hiram because the professors work really hard to prepare you for your next step in life, whether that be grade school or a career.  The school is a close knit community where each individual is able to find their place on campus, for instance mine is with the swim team and Veticus but I have plenty of friends outside of those organizations as well.

Kourtney Holcomb

Hometown: Garrettsville, Ohio
High school: James A. Garfield High School
Major: Accounting
Campus involvement: 
• Softball
•Institute of Management Accounts (IMA) Club
• Admissions Tour Guide
Fun Fact: I went to school, K-12, with a boy who was born the exact same year, date, and time as me.
Why I love Hiram: I love the 12/3 semester program and the home-like atmosphere.

Cassidy King

Hometown: Garrettsville, Ohio
High school: James A. Garfield High School
Major: Middle Childhood Education
Campus involvement:
• Teaching Assistant
• Education Club secretary
• Outdoors Club
• Hiram College XC Club alumni relations officer

Fun Fact: I paint wine glasses for fun.
Why I love Hiram: The opportunities are boundless at Hiram as are the people willing to help you reach your highest potential!  Everywhere I turn there is a helping hand extended.

Demetria “Meech” McCulloh

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
High school: Cleveland School of the Arts
Major: English
Campus involvement:
• Stone Soup Co-op
• Cafe’ Hiram
• Hiram Farm
• The Hovel

Fun Fact: I am a spoken word poet.
Why I love Hiram: It’s home.  Because it is so small, it encourages creativity, teamwork, and productiveness.

Samantha “Sam” Palania

Hometown: Streetsboro, Ohio
High school: Streetsboro High School
Major: Early Childhood Education
Campus involvement:
• Cheerleading
• Education Club
• Student Senate
• Sports Medicine Aid

Fun Fact: I can tie my shoelaces with my feet.
Why I love Hiram: It’s small and it feels like a second home because everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Christian Roberts

Hometown: Austintown, Ohio
High school: Austintown Fitch High School
Major: Sociology/Communication
Campus involvement:
• Student Senate President
• Writing Assistant
• Terrier Activities Board (TAB)
• African American Students United (AASU)

Fun Fact: My life is constantly living at hashtag! #HiramFoundMe
Why I love Hiram: Hiram is my second home!  It allows me to be in a different environment where I can learn and develop physically, mentally and spiritually.

Myhkalah Robinson

Hometown: Lorain, Ohio
High school: Clearview High School
Major: Early Childhood Education
Campus involvement:
• Cross Country Club
• Hiram Service Leader
• Social Justice Warriors
• Northwoods attendee

Fun Fact: I am, so far, the first of my 4 siblings to pursue a degree in college.
Why I love Hiram: One reason I love Hiram is because of the close-knit feeling of the community around campus.  I see people having fun learning, hanging out, and just being themselves.  There are so many opportunities to learn and be at your best because whether it be faculty, staff, or fellow students, there is always someone there to help.  I also love that it is a small school and I have easy access to materials while not feeling overwhelmed.

James “Butters” Workman

Hometown: Garrettsville, Ohio
High school: James A. Garfield High School
Major: Educational Studies
Campus involvement:
• Men’s Varsity Golf
• Previous Resident Assistant
• Office of Campus Involvement student employee
• Assistant Golf Coach for James A. Garfield Boys Varsity Golf team

Fun Fact: I am the proud parent of two guinea pigs named Penelope and Francesca.
Why I love Hiram: I love Hiram because of the bonds that you form over such a short period of time.  These close-knit bonds make Hiram feel like family and give the strong impression of what home feels like.