Hiram College

Welcome to the Townhouses!

The Townhouse living community is the newest housing option for students at Hiram College.

The Townhouses offer a more independent living experience for upper-class students. Students must go through an application process and sign a lease to reside in the Townhouses. Each Townhouse has four single bedrooms; a kitchen with refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher; and a furnished living room. Each townhouse has two bathrooms, a washer and dryer, air-conditioning, cable television, Internet access and four private parking spaces.

Learn more in the Townhouse Living Guide.

Townhouse Maintenance Request Form – residents should submit any concerns about their unit by using this form. A Residential Education staff member will communicate directly with the residents and Physical Plant to correct the issue promptly.

Townhouses First Floor Dimensions
Bedroom 1: 11’6″ x 8’21/2″
Bedroom 2: 81/2′ x 9’4″
Bedroom 3: 9’11/2′ x 13′ 511/16″


Townhouses Second Floor Dimensions
Bedroom 1: 11’6″ x 8’2″
Bedroom 2: 9’11/2″ x 13″511/16″
Bedroom 3: 12’65/16″ x 9’61/4″