Hiram College

Housing Sign-Ups 2016 - 2017

Residential Education is pleased to announce the Housing Configuration for the 2016-17 school year. All residence halls are smoke-free.

Hiram College recognizes and affirms the value of students living on campus and participating fully in the residential college experience.  Exceptions for living off campus can be found in your student handbook.

Important Information

  • To view the Housing Sign Up timeline click here.
  • Prior to housing sign-ups, pay $100 Housing Deposit ($250 is required for the Townhouses) in the Student Accounts in Teachout-Price. There are NO exceptions and NO waivers to the required fee.
  • After making the deposit in the Student Accounts Office you will receive a 2016-17 Returning Student Housing Contract or Townhouse lease. Returning Student Housing Contracts and Townhouse leases will be available beginning February 29th. If you make the housing deposit online, please print and bring the receipt to the Residential Education Office to receive your housing contract or lease.
  • Bring your completed, signed housing contract (or lease) with you when coming to housing sign-up to select a room per the room sign-up schedule.
  • Multiple occupancy rooms may only be reserved if they will be filled to capacity. You must have a roommate for a double or roommates for triples or quads.
  • Students on the graduating senior list may not sign up for housing unless approved in advance by the Director of Residential Education who will consult with the Registrar.
  • Housing contracts are binding for an entire academic year and obligate students to purchase a Hiram College meal plan.  Townhouse leases are binding for an entire academic year, but purchasing a Hiram College meal plan will be optional.
  • Lottery numbers are non-transferable.
  • Those arriving after their lottery number is called will forfeit their number.  Those individuals may select at the end of their group.

Special/Medical Accommodation Housing Process

If you are a student with a disability or special need, contact Dr. Feisthamel of Student Disability Services, FeisthamelKP@hiram.edu or 330.569.5418. All accommodation requests relating to a disability must have current supporting documentation from an appropriate professional containing a diagnosis, current functional limitations of the disability or condition in a community living environment and suggested recommendations for environmental modification. When this information has been reviewed, the Coordinator of Student Disability Services will provide the Residential Education Office with housing recommendations. Review the timeline to verify important dates relevant to this process.