Hiram College

Our Staff

The Office of Residential Education at Hiram College is dedicated to providing best possible staff to serve our students. Our staff comes from many different experiences and offers multiple talents to enrich and foster our strong residential communities. This portion of our site is here to help educate about our staff and how they can serve you!

Main Office Staff

Ed Frato-Sweeney
Director, Residential and Citizenship Education
Kelly Johns
Coordinator of Housing Operations

Hall Staff

Hall Staff Member Ext. Room
The Quad  GA – Melanie Tousley    Office x5481
Agler Jacqueline Nelson Agler 328
Aaron Gardner Agler 137
Booth-Centennial AHD – Tracy Wildermuth Office x5679  
Booth Anthony Armstrong Booth 91
Antwand Hill Booth 130
Paris Trowsdell Booth 143
John Reid Booth 232
Allison Glatt Booth 253
Centennial Melissa Johnson Centennial 119
Abigail Stevenson Centennial 104
Elizabeth Keller Centennial 205
Mercedes Jones Centennial 229
East Hall GA – Tori Mazza Office x6200
East Marcus Miller East 350 F
Chris Treadwell East 350 G
Christian Roberts East 250 F
Amber Bessner East 250 G
Miller/Whitcomb/Bowler   AHD – Natalie Pazmino Office x5777
Miller Joseph Howard Miller 317
Emily Hruska Miller 403
Matthew Sisserson Miller 417
Brandon Eddinger Miller 203
Hailey Toporcer Miller 217
Whitcomb Megan Chaplin Whitcomb 404
Derinne Callaghan Whitcomb 415
John Enasko Whitcomb 204
Mark Sobnosky Whitcomb 315
Taylor Yamamoto Whitcomb 304
Megan Kern Whitcomb 215
Bowler Samantha Martinek Bowler 136
Dana Yeater Bowler 210