Hiram College

Student Senate Officer Board 2017-2018

  • Christopher Vinci, President
  • Shannon Enoch, Vice President of Administration
  • Javon Alexander, Vice President of Finance
  • Emily Hruska, Vice President of Activities
  • Abigail Stevenson, Vice President of Communication


 CHRISTOPHER VINCI: President of Student Senate

The President of Student Senate serves as the guide of the Executive Board. He also sits on the CESC, or College Educational Steering Committee, which is a committee that discusses the present and future state of Hiram, and meets with the Board of Trustees.

Christopher is a senior with a double major in Physics and Engineering. He is currently the President of Student Senate and the Treasurer of The Net, and he has been a part of them the entirety of his Hiram experience. He has served as an officer in The Net one year and as a senator for three years before his current presidency. He is a one year veteran of the The Garfield Center for the Study of the American Presidency. He completed two summers of Montecarlo-based polymer research with Mark Taylor.

He has taken part in the west coast for the Taking to the Trees class a trip to China with professor Xinlu. In the spring of his sophomore year, he served on the Academic Program Committee, and he helped approve the new Sports Exercise Science major. During his freshman year he was a lab assistant for Intro Physics.

In 2018, he plans to go to CWRU for the Dual degree program with engineering.

SHANNON ENOCH: Vice President of Administration

The Vice President of Administration leads all Senate meetings and fills in for the President in his absence. She also sits on the CESC and meets with the Board of Trustees, and she is in charge of all correspondence with Senators.

Shannon is a junior studying Communication and Creative Writing at Hiram College. Outside of her studies she is a: Residential Assistant for East Hall, volunteer member for Habitat for Humanity, Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader, and Vice President of Administration for The Hiram College Student Senate. Enoch has been involved with Student Senate for the past three year, once being a Senator, and the following two terms as the Vice President of Administration.

ABIGAIL STEVENSON: Vice President of Communication

The Vice President of Communication takes minutes at every Senate meeting. She is also in charge of committee correspondence, should the Senate choose to make committees. Her position also includes keeping all records of Senate.

Abbie is a junior with a double major in Environmental Studies and Studio Art and a double minor in Communication and Theatre. Apart from Senate, Abigail serves as the President of the H-ART (Hiram Arts Renaissance Troupe), the Vice President of the Environmental Action Crew, the Archivist of the Theatre Guild, the Class of 2019 Eclectic Scholars Honors Program Co-Representative, designs posters for Relay for Life, and is an active member of Hiram College’s theatre department. She is also a Resident Assistant and works within the Theatre’s Costume Shop and Gelbke Art Gallery. This is Abigail’s second year in Senate. Last year, she attended the United Kingdom study abroad trip, and, for the past two years, she has interned at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights as a Wardrobe Intern. 

JAVON ALEXANDER: Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance is in charge of all of Senate’s finance and club funding. He serves as the chair of the Funding You Board, as well.

Javon Alexander is a senior. He is currently the Student Senate Vice President of Finance and the Vice President of IMA for the Cleveland East student chapter. During his first year at Hiram College, he was a member of the Hiram College Football team. During his sophomore year, he parted from the Football Team to focus solely on academics, and he was elected to Treasurer of IMA. By junior year, he was Treasurer of Terrier Activities Board as well as IMA. He spent the whole Spring 12-week semester and busy tax season as a Tax Intern at Lyle & Associates CPA in Chagrin Falls, preparing individual and corporate tax returns gaining valuable real-life experience needed to further his career opportunities, all the while taking enough courses to remain a resident of the College.

In 2018, he plans to have a Finance/Accounting Development Program job offer with hopes that the employer will help pay for him to pursue a Master’s Degree in Accounting.

EMILY HRUSKA: Vice President of Activities

The Vice President of Activities serves as the bridge between student organizations, Student Senate, and faculty and staff.  The VP also aids in the formation of new clubs and the careful monitoring of current club activities and funding.  She also sits on the Funding You Board.

Emily is a senior chemistry and music double major.  She is the President of Chemistry Club, principal violist of the Chamber Orchestra, an Eclectic Scholar, a Garfield Scholar, and a Teaching Assistant.  She enjoys running, music, and volunteering.

After graduation in May, Emily hopes to pursue her PhD in analytical chemistry before working in the energy industry.