Hiram College

Award Recipients 2016 - COEE

2016 Honorees

President’s Achievement Award

Nina Lester and Antwand Hill
The President’s Achievement Award is given annually to a woman and man in the junior class whose academic records, campus leadership and devotion to the ideals and objectives of Hiram College distinguish their performances as outstanding. Students selected for this award have demonstrated, during their years at Hiram College, marked growth in academic achievement and in personal development. They have displayed sensitivity to the needs of their fellow students, to those in the College community and of society in general, and they have made constructive contributions to the solutions of these problems. In sum, the President’s Achievement Award goes to those whose records best symbolize the educational goals of Hiram College.

Distinguished Student Leadership Award-Dively

Ann Riddle
The Distinguished Student Leadership Award is given annually by Hiram College in recognition of an outstanding senior student whose contributions to campus life have earned peer respect and admiration. The award recipient receives a gift of $1,000. Michael Dively, a former Hiram College Trustee, founder of the Gerald R. Ford Institute for Leadership in Public Policy and Service, three-term member of the Michigan House of Representatives and former faculty member at Albion College, is the founder of the award.

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award

Alexis Armstead
The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award is given annually by Hiram College to a student or students who, through the quality of his or her leadership and overall character, exemplifies a spirit of inclusiveness and an appreciation for multiculturalism and diversity. The value of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award is based on investment returns and typically exceeds $500.

Yuksel Ismail Scholarship in Humanities

Kristen Schroll
Established in 1986 by the Ismail family, colleagues, friends and former students, the Yuksel Ismail Scholarship honors the senior in humanities (humanities shall include classical studies, English, foreign languages, history, philosophy and religious studies) who best exemplifies the love of learning and high standards lived out at Hiram College by Yuksel Ismail, professor of languages and literature, until his death in 1986.

ODK National Leadership

Professor Anisi Daniels Smith, Human Resources Director Lynn Kostrab, Colin Brothers, D’Nautica Philpot, Andrew Torres and Jacob Vaughan
Omicron Delta Kappa (OΔK) also, known as The Circle or more commonly ODK is a national leadership honor society. It was founded December 3, 1914, at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, by 15 student and faculty leaders. Chapters, known as Circles, are located on over 300 college campuses. The society recognizes outstanding achievement in the following areas: scholarship; athletics; campus community service; social/religious activities; campus government; journalism, speech and the mass media; and creative and performing arts. As the identities of newly selected members are kept secret for a period of time, ODK is fondly considered a quasi-secret society. Membership in the Omicron Delta Kappa Society is regarded as one of the highest collegiate honors that can be awarded to an individual, along with Phi Beta Kappa. In addition to meeting rigorous leadership and service criteria, student membership requires a grade point average of 3.5 or above.

Phi Beta Kappa

Inductees: Colin Anderson, Ph.D., MacKenzie Barry, Logan Brewer, Renee Brumbaugh, Emily Gilmore, Kayla Kennedy, Danielle Kohut, Cristian Loyola Padilla, Hannah Platt, Emma Poduska, Ryogo Suzuki and Chimi Wangchuk.
Phi Beta Kappa membership has long been recognized as the highest distinction an individual can receive for scholarly excellence in undergraduate studies in the liberal arts and sciences. Founded in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest undergraduate honors society. The official induction ceremony into Phi Beta Kappa takes place during the week of commencement.

Hal Reichle Memorial Award 2015

Heather Brant
The Hal Reichle Memorial Award is presented annually to an individual student who has demonstrated significant acts of kindness, generosity and compassion toward other human beings. The award recipient is chosen on the basis of humanitarian efforts, community involvement and volunteerism. The value of the Hal Reichle Memorial Award is based on investment returns and typically exceeds $5,000.

Alpha Society

Alpha Society is one of Hiram’s highest academic honors. Membership is limited to students who have completed 12 or more hours of graded coursework at Hiram College and whose cumulative grade point average is 3.75 or better.

Alpha Society Graduating Seniors

Steven Ahern Therese HOcevar Jenna Nelson Nicholas Suetta
Mackenzie Barry Troy Janashak Hannah Platt Ryogo Suzuki
Jenelle Bayus Kayla Kennedy Joseph Popiel Mary Swallow
Megan Bisbee Carrie Kraft Katrina Port Megan Thompson
Renee Brumbaugh Melissa Kywa Matthew Pozderac Jacob Vaughan
Celia Bruner Danielle Latine Timothy Prall Will Weisman
Emma Caylor Faith Lemon Ann Riddle Chad White
Jason Close Cristian Loyola Padilla Kristin Schroll Kelly Wynne
Delisa Ellis Emily Marsteller Monica Semosky Melannie Young
Kathleen Enoch Tanner Mathews Michael Sidoris Paige Zeigler
Tricia Fincham Carol Milani Odishius Sledge
Caroline Georskey John Montello Melissa Smith
Emily Gilmore Sharon Nawalaniec Trey Solon

Alpha Society Underclassmen

Amy Almashy Anderson Gardner  Amber Levering  Zoe Sajen
Thea Angeli Patrick Garrod Paige Lewis Stacia Schaffer
Stacey Barnauskas Tara Gaughan Alan Lewis Sara Shearer
Sophie Bell Katherine Geric Andrew Lisak Lilia Siers
Mary Benjamin Antoine-Olivier Gladu-Corbin Shelby List Matthew Sisserson
Seiji Bessho Adelaide Goodrich Savannah Lorinchack Jaden Slovensky
Lindsay Bierman Kimberly Hahn Zakari Martinjako Mark Sobnosky
Rachel Boehm Lindsey Harris Kristen Maslach Cole Soldo
Chantelle Brady Macey Hickman Sarah McClellan Corey Stamco
Heather Brant Hannah Hilty Danni McDonald Abigail Stevenson
Baylee Capaldi Kara Hokes Nathan Metze Griffin Sukel
Jacqueline Cegelka Matthew Hollis Richard Milford Emily Syrjala
Megan Chaplin Emily Hruska Samantha Mullenax Sydney Turnbull-Green
Hallie Chavez Tabitha Hubbell McKenna Murphy Brad Valka
Hayley Christani Melissa Johnson Heather Pahoresky Maya Watkins
Mikenzi Daniels-Smith Kim Jones Brittany Paletta Marcus Weatherbee
Alexandre Delgado Gabriela Elizabeth Keller Carly Palgut Sarah Whitman
Jennifer Drake Laura Kelly Robin Peshick Isabella Williams
Sandra Drewek Gabriel Kemble Hannah Petelin  Alexis Wojtowicz
Brandy Emery Megan Kern Michelle Phelps Jared Wright
Claire Esposito Colton Kinderknecht Matthew Port Matthew Wright
Clare Fekete Jennifer Kistler Jasmine Prezenkowski Emily Yeckley
Joseph Ferrara Travis Koteles Rebecca Richards
Meredith Fitschen-Brown Ritchie Leap Kathleen Rockhold
Josselyn Frazier Colleen Leibas Andrew Runyon

Academic Department Awards 

These awards were presented, or will be presented, at individual departmental celebrations and ceremonies. They are listed here so all may partake in the celebration and recognition of excellence.

Art Department Awards

Alex and Tamara Brady Pendleton Best in Show Award: Pamela Barnet

Paul A. Rochford Award for Excellence: Rachel Buchleitner

Ellen Jagow Award for Painting: Sarah Bednarski

Abigail Flint Award for Photography: Sarah Diamond

Award for Outstanding Work by Freshman or Sophomore: Linden Glaze

Juror’s Mention: Ryogo Suzuki, Ashley Dillon, Emma Caylor, Breanna Webb, Alan Berger

Art History Book Award: Hannah Petelin

Biology Department Awards

James H. Barrow Scholarship in Biology: Zachery Nemec
Established by the friends and students of James H. Barrow, professor of biology at Hiram College from 1957 until 1987 and founder of the James H. Barrow Biology Field Station. Awarded annually to a deserving student majoring in field biology.

Dwight H. and Trudy Berg Award: N/A
Established and endowed by Dwight H. Berg, professor emeritus in biology, and his wife Trudy. To be awarded to a deserving junior or senior biology major who has emphasis in botany and who is planning to attend graduate school in botany.

Eastman Kodak Company Awards: Lindsay Brewer, Caroline Georskey, John Enasko, Taylor Martemus, Deanna Forbush and Emily Mortimer
Established by the Eastman Kodak Company to honor employees who are graduates of Hiram College. Awarded on the basis of merit to students majoring in biology.

Paul Smey Award in Biology: Breanna Beltz  
Awarded to an outstanding biology major with an interest in medicine, the Paul Smey Award in biology was established by family and friends in memory of Paul Smey ’69, a distinguished pediatric urologist.

Thomas E. Lingafelter Memorial Award: Adam Hamilton
Established and endowed by Constance Rullestad Lingafelter ’59, and friends, in memory of her husband, Thomas E. Lingafelter ’60, a devoted alumnus. Awarded to the student who makes the most significant contribution to the work at the field station.

The Kyna Barber Endowed Scholarship: Tanner Mathews

Established with gifts provided by Tom and Ling Barber along with gifts from family and friends of Kyna Barber.  The scholarship shall be awarded to a senior student who has been admitted to a graduate program at an accredited college or university in a medical related field.  The medical related field shall be any graduate study, including but not limited to medical school, dental school, graduate nursing programs, medical research, or medical related microbiology, biotechnology, or biology/chemistry.

Biomedical Humanities Department Awards

Outstanding Achievement in Senior Seminar: Michaela Edmond and Emily Mortimer

Chemistry Department Awards

Outstanding General Chemistry Student (Lubrizol): Antoine Gladu-Corbin

Outstanding Organic Student (Lubrizol): Kaitlin Zemanski

Outstanding Inorganic Student (Lubrizol): Emma Caylor

Outstanding Analytical Student (Lubrizol): Danielle Kohut

Outstanding PChem Student (Lubrizol): Ryan Neldon

Outstanding Biochemistry Student (Lubrizol): Cristian E. Loyala-Padilla

Jody Modarelli Scholarship: Tanner Mathews

Akron Chemical Society Outstanding Junior Chemistry Major: Valerie Pfaff

Akron Chemical Society Outstanding Chemistry Major: Darian Waugh

American Chemical Society Outstanding Senior Organic Chemistry Student: Darian Waugh

Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship Awards

Fall ideablitz! Idea Competition: Richie Webb (1st place), Kayla Kennedy (2nd place), Jeff Rose, Allison Vannoy, Deigo Navar and Rebecca Pochedly (3rd place)

MAD (Make-a-Difference) Money Challenge: Hamza Raja (1st place), Marley Oles (2nd place)

Spring ideabuild! Idea Competition: Alison Cowell, Taylor Hillyer and Christopher Gaines (1st place), Nate Eaton (2nd place), Jordon Canevari and Stephane Nouafo Wanko (3rd place)

Computer Science Department Awards

Irina Lomonosov Award: Suman Bramhacharya and Alexandre Delgado-Gabriela
Presented to an outstanding senior computer science major.

Angela Guercio Award: Matthew Pozderac
Presented to a senior computer science major who has shown outstanding dedication to computer science and service to the department.

Economics Management and Accounting Department Awards

Claude Henry Crafts Achievement Award: Salim Fadzl

Allyn A. Young Memorial Prize in Economics: Joseph Zoltowski
Established and endowed in memory of Allyn A. Young, class of 1894, past president of the American Economic Association, professor at Harvard and at the London School of Economics, remarkable teacher, and one of the great economists of the 20th century. Awarded to the students studying economics who show the most promise in handling analytical or quantitative techniques in economic analysis.

Financial Executive Outstanding Junior Accounting or Finance Student: Jessica Krulic and Joseph Ferrara

Ohio Society of CPAs’ Ambassador Award: TBA

Institute of Internal Auditors Outstanding Accounting Student Award: Matthew Sacher
Sponsored by the Institute of Internal Auditors, awarded to an outstanding accounting student who demonstrates strong analytical, critical thinking and communication abilities.

English Department Awards

Grace J. Chamberlain Prize in Creative Writing: Spencer Goodheart and Sara Shearer
Established in 2007 by Joyce, Robert and Dylan Chamberlain, the parents and brother of Grace J. Chamberlain, who died tragically in an automobile accident in 2006, this prize is awarded annually by the English department to a student who shows great promise in creative writing. This prize is funded annually by a Cleveland Foundation Donor Advised Fund.

English Department Book Award: Jennifer Kistler, Alex Bryan, Hallie Chavez and Hannah Petelin
Awarded to a student who contributes to the intellectual life of the English department in creative and often unrecognized ways.

Hiram College Writing Center Award: Mackenzie Barry and Ann Riddle
This award goes to the seniors who have made the greatest contributions to the Writing Center and the writing program at Hiram College. Both exceptional service to the institution and an extraordinary personal commitment to the study of writing are required.

John S. Kenyon Memorial Award in English: Kristie Schroll
Awarded to honor the graduating senior student in English who best exemplifies the creative and scholarly spirit associated with John Samuel Kenyon, class of 1898, professor of English, 1916-1944 and emeritus professor of English, 1944-1959.

The Richard C. and Jo Ann Murphy Underwood Endowed Memorial Scholarship: Maya Watkins

Environmental Studies Department Award

Lubrizol Foundation Awardees: Mary J. Benjamin, Robin A. Peshick, Sarah R. Bednarski, Simon P. Bednarski, Taylor E. Hillyer, Thea Angeli

History Department Awards

Phi Alpha Theta: Seiji Bessho and Faith Lemon

Phi Alpha Theta is the National History Honor Society “whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians.” Inductees are invited to join based on their academic achievements in history.

The Russell L. Caldwell Memorial Research Award: Seiji Bessho

Established and endowed by former Wooster High School speech students of Russell L. Caldwell, 1929.  Awarded to either a history or communication major at the beginning of the senior year for research in the major field under the direction of a Hiram faculty member.  The recipient will be chosen on the bases of character, creativity and scholastic achievement.

The Dorothy Garrett Martin Award in History: Maya Watkins

Established and endowed by Frederick W. Martin ’64 and James K. Martin ’65 in honor of their mother. Awarded annually to a junior woman majoring in history as chosen by the History Department faculty.

The Thomas Mark Pytel Memorial Award: Jed Anderson

Established and endowed by friends and his wife, Gail Meyer Pytel ’66, in memory of Thomas Mark Pytel ’66. Awarded to an outstanding junior, alternating each year between a student from the Political Science Department and the History Department, nominated by the faculty members of these respective departments.

Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature Awards

Gillmer Kroehle Contest in Creative Nonfiction: Tom Pantic (1st place), Hallie Chavez (2nd place), Jory Gomes (3rd place), Shelby List (Honorable Mention), Bradyn Music (Honorable Mention)

Vachel Lindsay Poetry Prize: Tom Pantic (1st place), Maya Watkins (2nd place), Sara Shearer (3rd place), Demetria McCulloh (Honorable Mention)

Barbara Thompson Award for Short Fiction: Maya Watkins (1st place), Paul Dickerson (2nd place), Taisa Chirovsky (3rd place), Tom Pantic (Honorable Mention), Kristen Maslach (Honorable Mention)

ECHO Student Literary Regional Competition: 


  • 1st place: Maya Watkins, Hiram College, poetry collection featuring “The Retired Solitaire Champion” and “Pompeii’s God”
  • 2nd place: McKenzie Caldwell, University of Mount Union, poetry collection featuring “Words on a Snowy Afternoon,” Immaculate Conception” and “Examination of the Absent”
  • 3rd place: Abbey Schlanz, University of Mount Union, poetry collection featuring “The Wolf and Little Red” and “Breakers”

Creative Nonfiction

  • 1st place: Kacie Prologo, University of Mount Union, “Rat Park”
  • 2nd place: Hallie Chavez, Hiram College, “Breaking the Silence”
  • 3rd place: Gabriella Pishotti, University of Mount Union, “Never Abandoned”
  • Honorable mention: Abbey Schlanz, University of Mount Union, “Some Stars Still Shine Even After They’re Dead”


  • 1st place: Paul Dickerson, Hiram College, “The Dumb Jock”
  • 2nd place: Hallie Chavez, Hiram College, “Grande Jeté”
  • 3rd place: Maya Watkins, Hiram College, “The Dark Lord Bradley
  • Honorable mention: Bradyn Music, Hiram College, “The Party in the Park”

The annual Echo Contest is open to undergraduate students currently enrolled at Bethany College, Heidelberg University, Hiram College, Marietta College, University of Mount Union and Muskingum University.  A panel of faculty from the partner schools judges the entries. Judges do not know the identity of the entrants, and judges do not read or evaluate the entries of students from the colleges or universities where they teach.

Modern Languages Department Awards

Edith Scottron Miller Award: Erin Smith

Lydia Chase Killam Award: Autumn Osgood

Music Department Awards

Gertrude Frohring Award: Faith Lemon

Alice Crane Williams Award: Emily Marsteller

Mary A. Crawford Award: Emily Hruska

Clarence R. & Alice Seymour Bissell Award: Cullen Davis

Marcia Kenyon Bissell Award: Ben Wilson

Alice Seymour Bissell/Hiram Women’s Council Award: Faith Lemon, Meredith Fitschen Brown, Emily Hruska, Christian O’Neil, Emily Marsteller

Andrew Hopkins Prize – Outstanding Instrumentalist Award: Meredith Fitschen Brown

John M. Watson Memorial Prize in Music: N/A

Spring Honors Recital: Faith Lemon, Emily Marsteller, Nick Kingston, Meredith Fitschen Brown, Ted Mittman, Ben Wilson

Nursing Department Awards

Academic Excellence in Nursing Award: Megan Thompson
Given to a graduating senior who has achieved the highest overall and nursing GPA.

Service & Leadership in Nursing Award: Tierra Moore
Given to a graduating senior who has made outstanding leadership and service contributions during his or her time at Hiram College.

Summit/Portage District Ohio Nurses Association Award: Patrick Kilroy
Given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated organizational leadership and service.

Delta Xi Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, International Nursing Honor Society: Breanna Cinicola, Tierra Moore, Kaitlin Morse, Scott Muckleroy, Henry Pearson, Alexace Rees, Austen Rekolt, Megan Thompson and Alyssa Urbansky.
Membership is by invitation only and is based on high academic performance, scholarship and leadership.

Philosophy Department Awards

Eugene H. Peters Prize in Philosophy: Alex Strub
The Eugene H. Peters Prize in Philosophy was established in 1983 to honor the memory of Professor Eugene H. Peters, who taught philosophy at Hiram College from 1962 until his untimely death in May of 1983. The prize rewards students who have done exceptional work in the field of philosophy.

Physics Department Awards

Arthur Wright Erskine Memorial Prize in Physics: Ryogo Suzuki
The Arthur Wright Erskine Memorial Prize in Physics was established and endowed by a bequest of Betsy Smith Erskine in memory of her husband Arthur Wright Erskine, class of 1907.  First given in 1958, the prize goes to the senior student who shows the greatest promise in the science of physics. 

Psychology Department Awards

Psi Chi, International Honor Society Inductees: Genevieve Atkins, Zachery Cairns, Megan Chaplin, Rebecca Greenhouse, Nina Lester, Stephane Nouafo Wanko, Erin Smith, Joann Wong
Psi Chi gives national recognition for academic excellence and offers opportunities for networking, scholarships and leadership development in the field.

Psychology and Philosophy Department Awards

The Thomas Wayne Grant Prize: Heather Brant
Annual award given to an outstanding psychology and/or philosophy student.

Athletic Department Awards

Athletic are announced at the Student Athlete Appreciation event. The athletic department presents several named awards each year to individual student-athletes in recognition of their athletic accomplishments.

The Pam Smith/North Coast Athletic Conference Woman of the Year Award (Hiram NOMINEE to the NCAC): Lindsay Brewer
Awarded annually to THE outstanding GRADUATING female student-athlete IN THE NCAC.  The award recognizes a student-athlete who has distinguished herself throughout her collegiate career in the areas of academic achievement, athletic excellence, service and leadership.

The Don Hunsinger/North Coast Athletic Conference Man of the Year Award (Hiram NOMINEE to the NCAC: Adam Scher 
Awarded annually to THE outstanding GRADUATING male student-athlete IN THE NCAC.  The award recognizes a student-athlete who has distinguished himself throughout his collegiate career in the areas of academic achievement, athletic excellence, service and leadership.

Donald M. Campbell Memorial Award: Greg Summers
Awarded each year to the College’s outstanding male student-athlete. It was established in 1961, as suggested by the then editor of the school newspaper, as an award to honor the outstanding male athlete of the year. Named after the newspaper, it was originally called the Terrier Award. In 1970, it was changed to the Donald M. Campbell, Jr. Award to honor one of our former athletes who lost his life in a house fire while attempting to save his parents’ lives.

Helen M. Petrosky Award: Lindsay Brewer
Established by the Department of Physical Education in honor of a former faculty member and chair for 29 years, “Miss Pete.” Awarded each year to the College’s outstanding female student-athlete.