Arts in the Curriculum

Students from a range of majors have a chance to experience the arts at Hiram through our liberal arts curriculum. 

Freshman Colloquium:

  • The Images of War
  • About Looking (Brain Science and Art)
  • The Creative Life (Psychology and Environmental studies)
  • The Human Body in Art and Everything Else
  • Art, Archeology and the Ethics of Cultural Preservation
  • Photographic Revolution (How Photography Revolutionized Arts and Sciences)
  • Types, Grams, and Graphs (The Era of Sliver Photography)
  • Music in a Changing World

Freshman Seminar

  • Multicultural Roots of America's Popular Music


  • Environmental Art
  • Feminist film
  • Art and Music of New Orleans
  • Art and Music since the Renaissance
  • What is Beauty: Art and Music of the Renaissance (graduate course)
  • The Creative Life (Journey of Self-discovery, with Psychology and Environmental Studies)
  • Formation of the Image (with Chemistry)
  • Computers and the Visual Arts (with Computer Science)
  • Comics as Art and Literature
  • Images and Literature of War(travel abroad)
  • Natural History of Australia (travel abroad)
  • Japan: Ideologies, Institutions, and Artifacts (travel abroad)
  • Music and War
  • Creativity and Commerce
  • Music and the Brain
  • Bohemians and Rebels: Art and Literature of the Romantic Age
  • Legend and Lore of the Kilt
  • Finding Voice Through Quilts
  • Irish Music and Celtic Myth (travel abroad)
  • 19th century American Architecture and Literature

Interpretive Methods (IM)

All art, music, and theater history classes, and history of the movies

Creative Methods (CM)

several classes in studio arts, music fundamentals and theory, music technology, oral interpretation of literature, dance, technical theater production, Shakespeare in performance, creative dramatics, acting, and costume and makeup design

Experiencing the World (EW):

  • Arts of India
  • Arts of Japan
  • World Music
  • Asian Music
  • Masterpieces of Italian Art (travel abroad)
  • Art and History of Paris and Provence (travel abroad)
  • Ancient Italian Cultural Monuments (travel abroad)
  • Creative Spaces: Florence and Tuscany (travel abroad)
  • all other travel abroad classes
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