Hiram College

Hello! I would like to congratulate Elle Rochford on winning the “Paul A. Rochford Award for Excellence.” Elle received this honor on Wednesday for her body of drawings at Hiram’s Annual Juried Student Art Show. Elle uses her mastery of the stippling technique, demonstrating several compositions of work made of small dots, which vary in shades of value and size. Her choice of medium for the drawings is ink, and in some pieces she even adds color pencil. The main subject of most of Elle’s illustrations is anatomy. She has a very exceptional way of demonstrating the internal organs and the outside of the body. There is one distinctive piece from the rest of her work named Cubist Crucifixer that made it in to the show. It is also currently receiving commendation from the Cleveland Museum of Art in their spring exhibition “Connecting with Caporali.” The Cubist Crucifixer portrays religious imagery which has a very classical influence. In this piece, Elle’s stunningly detailed stippling technique is very evident and makes reference to Cubism. Elle will also be doing tow internships this summer in Biomedical Art with Professor Linda Bourassa and in Sociology with Professor Robin Shura. I too have won an internship with Professor Bourassa and we will produce a broadside for “Art With Heart.” Stay tuned to learn more about our new art venture.

P.S. I won the Best of Photography Award 😉