Hiram College

Our newest show in the gallery is “Detour” by Tom Hubbard and includes mixed media, photography and sculpture. The show is quite unique as Tom Hubbard uses techniques that I have never seen before. For example most of the photo pieces have a fogged effect that was achieved from painting a coating used on greenhouse glass. Hubbard used his own photos shot at an abandoned greenhouse in the Netherlands when he lived there with his wife and children for five years. Many of materials come from the site: glass panels, paint, wood and even little clothes pins. The gallery opening was very well attended by a diverse group of traditional students, alumni, locals, and Toms own family. His talk was extremely enlightening and relatable. The use of “dysfunctional tools” is reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp’s “Ready-mades.” They have both sculptural beauty and suggest stories of another time.