Hiram College

Hello, This past week I have been able to work on the current art show “Jack Carlton Days to Decades: A Retrospective”. Working on this show with Jack has been wonderful. I have learned so much about him as an artist and also about many of his pieces in the show. Hearing the stories of Jacks past that influenced some of his work was not only inspiring but very entertaining as well. While working on hanging the art show there were many thoughts running through my mind like “How much are these worth?” and “Don’t drop it, don’t drop it!” Not only was I thinking about all of those things, I was also reflecting on many works in the show predate myself. I felt as if I were holding a piece of Jacks life. Not only are these beautiful pieces of art, they are parts of Jack’s history with many memories behind each one. When it came to opening the show it was great to see numerous people come to experience it and have a great time. They left with knowledge, Brie and it all was free! I would encourage anyone who has an interest in art to come and visit the gallery here at Gelbke Fine Art Center in Hiram. It’s an amazing show and there are more to come.