Hiram College

Hello Everyone!!!

The Fall 12-week is finally coming to a close. It seems like each week flew by so fast! During the 12, I have been busy with working on my nature series for Advanced Photography.

About my series:

My series to embodies my dream of a new natural world. When running away from obstacles such as the death of close loved ones or physicals insecurities, I often think of life as a fairytale and daydream about escaping reality.

In this series, each photograph can represent any female looking to escape through dreaming. Nature is spiritual protection from anything that tries to harm their ideal world.

The picture I have presented with this series is one that I made in the forest called Poison Ivy, with the model being my friend that also attends Hiram, Anna Borkan.

This photo in particular is funny, because while I was hunting for areas to use for my shoot, I found a patch of vibrant, three leafs plants. The the deep yellows and greens drew my attention right away, and it was a patch away from other plants in the forest. I told Anna that we must do the shoot around the plants.

Little did we know what the plants were. The photo shoot was a success. I edited the photos and post them online. Everyone commented “That’s Poison Ivy!!!” I began to freak out and I felt really worried for Anna and myself, since we were both in contact with the Poison Ivy. I touched it with my hands to place it where I wanted around Anna, and Anna literally had the Poison Ivy on her face and on her body. Did I mention that she was laying in the Poison Ivy patch?

Despite the scare, neither me or Anna was allergic or affected by the Poison Ivy, so all end well!!

If anyone wants to check out more of my series, all six pictures along with an artist’s statement is currently on display at Gelbke Fine Arts Center all Fall 2013 3-week term, so be sure to check it out!!!