The Hiram College Tuition Guarantee

The Hiram College Tuition Guarantee ensures that the annual cost for tuition will not increase between the first year a student is enrolled at Hiram and the student's senior year. While students at other institutes of higher education are never certain what type of annual tuition increase they will encounter, Hiram students will know: there will be no increase.

We're taking our commitment to low costs a step further.

For the second straight year, we've frozen our tuition. Students who enter for the 2014-2015 will pay the same tuition as students who entered in 2012.

Costs Are Increasing Nationally

Last year, tuition at private colleges increased an average of 6%. Public universities averaged an increase of 11%. For the ten year period from 1993 to 2003, the increase at private colleges was 79%. Students and their families are struggling to pay for a high quality undergraduate education. That's why Hiram College is taking a leadership position to guarantee those costs.

Guaranteeing the Hiram Tuition Guarantee

As soon as students are accepted at Hiram and make their deposit, they are covered by the Hiram College Tuition Guarantee.

Losing the Hiram College Tuition Guarantee

If a student takes a leave of absence from Hiram for one semester, that student can return to campus and still be locked in to the same rate for tuition. If a student takes more than a semester-long leave of absence, he or she will enroll at a new, higher rate for tuition. Most Hiram students graduate within four years of enrolling, and this policy is designed as an additional incentive to meet that four year goal. That is an important goal for many reasons, one being that it is an essential way for families to minimize the cost of higher education.

Compare the Hiram Tuition Guarantee

Hiram College encourages future students to ask other colleges and universities whether they can guarantee their rate of tuition for four years. Ask if they'll guarantee those costs for the next year. A good education can be a costly investment. But that doesn't mean college costs have to be unpredictable.

Some costs cannot be guaranteed

Tuition accounts for approximately 80% of college costs for a residential student. At Hiram College, those charges will remain constant for students, beginning with the entering class of 2004. The largest segment of the remaining costs are room and meal options. Students may see a change to these costs during their four years on campus.

Hiram remains committed to financial aid

At Hiram, like at all institutions of higher education, students must apply for financial aid each year. Changes in family income, family size, and the number of family members in college affect the amount of aid students receive. Typically, over time, loans become a bigger percentage of aid packages since the amount students may borrow increases as they progress through school. Financial aid can be complex. Hiram College is working hard to simplify it for students and their families.

How Hiram's costs compare

Tuition at Hiram is among the lowest of the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) schools, the athletic conference in which Hiram competes. That means Hiram's costs are lower than Wooster, Allegheny, Earlham, Wittenberg, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan, Denison and Kenyon -- all first-rate schools. And Hiram's typical financial aid package is comparable to that offered by those colleges.

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