Student Testimonials

See what our undergraduate students are saying about Hiram College

“Hiram not only helps me develop as a leader, but they’ve given me tools and the critical thinking skills that help me grow professionally. And I now have the knowledge to move forward with those goals. And I think that in ten years, hopefully, I’ll be on track to doing all those things, and I will have a lot to thank Hiram for.” – Carson Applewhite, nursing major

“Hiram is a place where if you come here to find that thing that fits you, you’ll probably find it. And if it’s not here, you can make it. And then someone else will have probably the same niche.” Andrew Harding, student athlete, accounting major

“I think college in general should be about coming and creating your space and letting other people in. Hiram is one of those colleges where your space, no matter how small it is, will become larger if you just tell one person, because then more people learn about it.” Joshua Turner, sociology major

“Coming in I knew the support system, how everyone’s so friendly and cares about you, and you’re not just a number … I kind of feel like they went beyond my expectations. They really care about me, and they want me to succeed.” Ann Riddle, political science major

“No matter where you are on campus, everyone says hello. You may not know each other, but everyone says, ‘hi,’ and that just makes my day … Hiram has given me the opportunity to expand my horizons. I’ve had the opportunity to attend national conferences and talk to people everywhere.” – Bobby Noel, music major

“When you go on a study abroad trip, your mind is exploded. You realize that the world is so big, and at the same time it’s so small. I brought back with me the awareness that people are living in different ways ... Hiram ignited a spirit in me of wanting to appreciate everything, wanting to sample everything.” Megan Orosz, nursing major

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