Send Your Test Scores!

One of the best ways to stay in touch with Hiram College is to send us the results of how you did on your ACT or SAT test. Remember, while Hiram College requires results from either test, we do not have a preference for either test and we do not require the ACT writing section. You may send us your scores in a few different ways.

When you sign up for either the ACT or SAT, list Hiram as one of the school you want to have your scores sent to by the testing agency. These school codes are listed in the registration materials, but

Hiram's ACT School Code number is 3280 Hiram's SAT College Board Code is 129


If you didn't list Hiram as one of your schools when you signed up for the test, you may still have your scores sent by adding us online.

+ Have your ACT scores sent to Hiram

+ Have your SAT scores sent to Hiram

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