Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Hiram during the college search process.

What kinds of degrees are offered?

Undergraduate students can receive a bachelor of arts in 30 different disciplines or a bachelor of science in nursing. With every major, students are exposed to a breadth of knowledge through the liberal arts curriculum.

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What if a student doesn't know what he or she wants to major in?

Students can take classes in a variety of areas to discover their passion. Our Career Center assists students in discovering their strengths and transferring these into majors and/or careers.

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What kind of semester/quarter system is used?

We have a unique calendar called the Hiram Plan - and it's the best of both worlds! Each academic year has two semesters, and each semester has two sessions - the 12-week and the 3-week. During the 3-week, students have unique opportunities - go on a faculty-led study abroad trip, have an off-campus internship or stay on campus and study one subject exclusively.

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What are the facilities like?

While we have historic buildings, Hiram has been a growing campus for the past few years. Since 2004, we've built two new athletics facilities, updated and/or expanded six academic facilities and built three new student-centered buildings - a new Dining Hall and two new residence halls.

For residence halls, students have a number of options. We offer many traditional double rooms, but also some singles, triples and quadruples. Townhouses - each with individual rooms, a kitchen and laundry room - are available for upperclassmen.

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What if a student wants to commute?

Hiram is a commuter-friendly campus. We have a commuter lounge, open 7 a.m. to midnight, where students can relax between classes.

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What sports can students participate in?

Sixteen different sports compete in the North Coast Athletic Conference in NCAA Division III. For women: basketball, cross country, softball, golf, swimming and diving, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. For men: baseball, basketball, cross country, swimming and diving, football, golf, soccer and lacrosse. Intramurals are also offered.

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How much can I expect tuition to rise over four years?

Not at all! We offer a tuition guarantee, which ensures the annual cost of tuition will not increase between the first year a student is enrolled and the student's senior year.

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How safe is the campus?

Hiram is a safe place. Not only is there the security characteristic in a small-town setting, the campus has a very strong safety record. The security staff also has 24-hour coverage.

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How can students prepare for graduate school while at Hiram?

Hiram's liberal arts curriculum is a strong base for students wanting to go to graduate school. About 30 percent go to graduate school within nine months, and more than 60 percent go within five years. The Career Center also hosts graduate school fairs and offers resources for graduate school application and preparation.

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