College Decision Process

We want your student's final choice to be Hiram, so when it comes time to make a decision, keep this in mind:

Don't follow the pack.

Students should not just pick a college because their friend is going there. The reasons a friend chose a college may have nothing to do with your student's educational objectives or ambitions.

College is a time for a fresh start, and Hiram is a close-knit community where students make friends that last a lifetime. 

Consider the graduation rates of the college or university. 

How many students graduate? How likely are students to come back to the same institution after their freshman year?


For students who are sure of their career path make sure that the academic departments are strong. Inquire about graduate programs and careers alumni are currently pursuing. As for those who are unsure about a major, inquire about how the school helps these students pick a major and make sure there are a variety of majors offered.

Hiram College offers 30 majors and 36 minors, all of which incorporate a strong liberal arts curriculum. Students who study the liberal arts are well-rounded and graduate prepared for a number of careers or graduate school options.

Find out who is teaching the classes. 

Are the professors the ones teaching or do they have a graduate assistant in the class? What style of class is typically taught? What is the dynamic of the student teacher relationship?

Hiram College does not have graduate assistants, so Hiram faculty teach 100 percent of classes. Students can expect to be actively engaged in the classroom at Hiram.

Take into account class size. 

What size will be most conducive to your student's learning?

Hiram's average class size is 16 students.

What are the school's academic requirements? 

Are there general requirements for all majors or does it vary by department? If it varies what happens when a student changes their major?

Requirements vary by major, but all Hiram students follow the core curriculum, which ensures they are exposed to a range of subjects and ways of learning. 

What does the future hold? 

Does the school help students find internships? Will the school help them prepare for to enter the work force? What types of resources are available to students once they graduate?

Hiram's Career Center helps students prepare for internships, their first full time job or graduate school, depending on their choice. The staff maintains contact with students after graduation.

What is campus life like for first year students? 

Are there opportunities to get to know other first year students? Are all the first years housed together? Do they stay in the same classes or will they participate in classes with upperclassmen? What types of support services are available?

Hiram offers options for first year housing, if the student desires. In addition, first year students all take an interdisciplinary Colloquium freshman year. This course is made up of all freshmen, with an upper class teaching assistant, who serves as an academic and social mentor.

Always take into consideration the financial aid package. 

Schools will offer a variety of federal, state and college specific aid. Consider the package thoroughly and keep in mind the quality of education offered, location, and proximity to home.

Students can expect to receive their complete financial aid package from Hiram College by April of their senior year.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact Hiram College Admission at 800-362-5280 or thru email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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