Homeschool Students

Hiram College welcomes applications from homeschoolers. For many years, homeschool students have enrolled in and thrived at Hiram College. We attribute this shared interest to an alignment of educational values and culture, teaching and learning. Homeschool applicants are eligible for scholarships and financial aid consideration.

Homeschoolers value the personalized approach to learning that marks a Hiram College liberal arts education for all students. Hiram has long been recognized for its small classes, faculty advising model and individualized degree programs. Here, faculty have a personal relationship with each student they teach and advise. There is no “one-size-fits-all” teaching style, since student support is geared to the individual student’s need as determined by their faculty advisor. Additionally, Student Academic Services provides peer-tutoring, study groups, mentoring, and study skills workshops creating a nurturing environment for learning in the style that best resonates with the student.

Hiram’s small, vibrant community is fueled by the eclectic thinking of faculty and students working together to solve the issues of the day by ensuring a future rich with critical thinkers, educators and leaders. Like the homeschooled approach to education, Hiram College recognizes that learning occurs in the nooks and crannies of everyday life, on and well beyond campus. For example, two of the most beautiful and interactive Hiram College “classrooms,” are the 550-acre James H. Barrow biological field station located just off campus accessible to all students, and the Northwoods Environmental Field station located minutes from Lake Superior in Michigan’s upper peninsula.

At Hiram College, we recognize the power of experiential learning by encouraging students, no matter what their chosen major, to participate in music, art, creative writing, athletics, one of our many study away courses or one of the numerous student-run social, recreational or service activities. Not comfortable in a crowd or interested in organized events? That’s ok too. Hiram College celebrates your unique self, whatever you perceive that to be. It is always about “you.”

We encourage you to check us out online and on campus, and once you do, we are confident you will want to submit an application. To assist you in assembling materials for that application, we offer the following suggestions.

Application Materials
To the extent possible, we use the same criteria to evaluate homeschool applicants as we do for all others. We understand, however, that homeschoolers' academic backgrounds can be quite distinctive. To help us help us put the pieces together and focus on the things that matter, please get an adequate picture of your college preparation. To that end, we ask that homeschoolers submit the following with their applications:

  • A transcript from a reputable homeschool correspondence/umbrella program, or a comprehensive list of academic coursework at the secondary level;
  • Examples of work of any kind that well represents the range of your academic and extracurricular accomplishment;
  • A short narrative, written by the person other than yourself who has guided and assessed your learning. This document is not to be a recommendation, but rather a description of your instruction, activities, and outcomes in recent years.
  • Examples of your civic, social, extracurricular activities and achievements

Admission decisions at Hiram College are made upon “holistic review of record.” We will look at all the materials you supply to us when considering your admission to the college, so we encourage every applicant to put their best foot forward and submit those materials that will best indicate your ability to be successful in your undergraduate program of choice.

As with all applicants to Hiram College, we strongly encourage homeschoolers to visit campus and complete an interview with an admissions officer. Note: We accept the Hiram application, Hiram Express Application and Common Application. Links to all three can be found on our website.

Standardized Test Scores
Like all candidates for admission to Hiram College, homeschoolers can submit scores from the ACT or SAT testing service. For students with a high school GPA of 2.8 or above (or the equivalent thereof), submission of ACT or SAT scores is optional. Programs such as nursing or engineering may require the submission of test scores if your submitted materials do not adequately support the existing prerequisite academic credentials for admission into those programs.

The Common Application calls for letters of recommendation from teachers and guidance counselors. We know that these designations do not transfer exactly to homeschool environments. Therefore, when choosing who will write on your behalf, we suggest that you select individuals beyond your family who know you well as both a student and an individual: an employer, a tutor, a service-learning site supervisor, a religious leader, a scout leader, athletic coach, etc.

Financial Aid Packages
Hiram College has a well-earned reputation as a college of opportunity. We enroll students from all socio-economic backgrounds and provide financial aid packages that are based on individual circumstances. All homeschool students who meet academic eligibility requirements will automatically be considered for Hiram’s top scholarships.

Call the Office of Admission at 330-569-5169.


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