Frank Bowman - Associate Director, International Admission

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(1) 330-569-5175;
800-362-5280 (Toll free in U.S.)

Fun fact(s):  

  • In the last six years I’ve been to four continents, 46 countries, and 33 states.
  • In Mongolia, I rode the Mongol horses of Chinggis Khaan, visited a monastery and stayed in a traditional Ger (tent).
  • I once rode a rollercoaster in downtown Tokyo, which happened to be on top of a mall.
  • Throughout all my travels I’ve only had my luggage lost once – on a bus trip from Philadelphia to Cleveland. (Knock on wood)


  • Traveling, cooking and eating. These are also my favorite things to do when visiting other countries. You can definitely learn a lot about a culture by sitting down in a restaurant and observing people sharing a meal together.
  • Playing with my daughter. As a new dad, I am excited about all the new adventures I’ll have with her. 

Who do you look up to the most, and why?

That’s an easy one: my mother. I’ve never met someone as caring and loving as her.  She is always thinking of others before herself and is never too tired to lend a hand. If I need advice, she is the first person I look to for an answer (unless it’s car-related, then I go to my father). 

What is your favorite thing about Hiram?

From the first moment I stepped on campus, I felt like a member of the Hiram Family.

I'm your admission counselor if you are ...

  • A U.S. citizen living/studying overseas
  • An international student

Please visit the International Admission website to learn information about applying to Hiram.

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