Dan Safko, Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator for Transfer Recruitment

Contact me:

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Fun Facts:   

  • I have a Master’s degree focusing on Early Modern European history
  • I have traveled abroad to Mexico, Guatemala, and China.
  • I have visited Margaret Mitchell’s home in Atlanta, GA.


  • Reading
  • Attending theater performances
  • Museums
  • Cooking
  • Watching movies

Who do you look up to the most, and why?   

I admire a lot of different people for different reasons. I look up to my older sister because she has worked really hard to become a doctor.  After seeing the movie Lincoln, I kind of have a soft spot for Abraham Lincoln now. I also look up to anyone who sees a world different than our own and works to make that happen.

What is your favorite thing about Hiram?    

I love the faculty here at Hiram College. They want to know our students on a personal level. They strive to see students succeed not only in the classroom but in their personal lives as well. Where else would a professor be willing to travel the world with a group of 15 students or cheer on our basketball team at home games?

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