3-Year Degrees Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a particular grade point average to enter the 3-year program?

The 3-year degree programs have no special admission requirements. Students must maintain good academic standing (i.e. no probation or suspension) during their time as a Hiram student to remain on the pathway.

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I already earned some credit through the College Credit Plus program or while a student at another College. Can I still use those credits?

Hiram College has agreements with many other institutions of higher education and is able to accept a variety of credits from accredited institutions. Students should work with the Hiram College Registrar’s Office to better determine credit eligibility.

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Can I still use my financial aid?

Financial aid is critical to the ability for most students to attend College. Hiram’s financial aid counselors will work with each student to develop a financial aid package to help meet individual needs. Because the 3-year degree program includes summer sessions, Hiram's financial aid counselors will explain how each specific plan will meet the needs of a 3-year degree.

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Are my classes guaranteed to be available?

In order to ensure that a student can complete a degree in 3-years, Hiram College will ensure that courses are available to meet the need of each 3-year degree program. Students must work with an advisor to ensure that courses meeting the specific degree pathway are selected each term in order to stay compliant with the guarantee. 

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What happens if I start the 3-year program and decide to stay longer?

Hiram recognizes that some student may elect to move away from the 3-year program during the course of their studies, or may elect to stay on for a fourth year to complete an additional degree or minor area of study. Students should consult with an academic advisor and financial aid counselor to develop a plan of action to meet their needs.

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Can I still earn a minor or double major in a 3-year program?

Each 3-year degree program is set up differently to ensure a student can complete the program in a 3-year period. Students should consult with an academic advisor to determine which minors more easily pair with individual majors. Due to the condensed timeline, students may be unable to double major without extending the completion period.

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Can I still complete an internship, study away or guided research project and finish the 3-year degree on time?

Through Hiram Connect, students are guaranteed a course of reflective learning that ensures they have the opportunity to complete a hands-on learning opportunity, whether it is an internship, study abroad or guided research project. Students will work closely with an academic advisor to ensure that the hands-on component is part of their 3-year schedule.

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I’m already enrolled in the 4-year. Can I switch to the 3-year program?

In order to complete the program in three years, students must declare their interest in the 3-year program before their first academic year begins. Due to the condensed nature of the program, students already on the 4-year track will not be eligible to change to the 3-year program.

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I normally work during the summer to help make money for College. How can I do it if I am taking classes?

Hiram’s summer classes are extremely flexible. Held on nights and weekends, Hiram summer classes are a blend of online and in-person classes that only meet on campus  every other week, allowing for maximum flexibility.

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Is summer housing available?

Both summer housing and meal plans are available for 3-year students during the summer. 

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