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Graduate Programs

Our body of graduate-level coursework at Hiram College is expanding. We currently offer one master of arts program, with additional graduate degree programs in the works. We also offer coursework for professional educators to help Northeast Ohio teachers meet continuing education requirements. 

Master’s Degree Interdisciplinary Studies

Why choose graduate study?

Completing graduate level coursework and earning your master’s degree at Hiram College can help you further your ability to excel in your chosen career field. The new skills and knowledge you will gain will prepare you to do your best work and can be a stepping stone for a promotion, raise or new career opportunity.

Upon graduation or completion of graduate level programs at Hiram College, you will be a well-rounded professional with a deep, interdisciplinary understanding of ideas and issues. Our programs prepare you to adapt and advance in this ever-changing world.

Contact us to discuss our graduate-level course offerings and decide the best course for your future.

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Earn your Master of Arts:

  • Take classes every other Saturday
  • Innovative programing that will broaden your mind and provide you with the skills employers are looking for.
  • Distinguish yourself in a world of MBAs.
  • Improve your critical thinking and communication skills. Learn how to build consensus

Hiram Snapshot

  • Less than an hour's drive from Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown
  • Average adult student age: 43
  • 88 percent of adult students employed outside the home
  • 11:1 student to faculty ratio

Graduate Student Bulletin