The Hiram experience encourages a student to explore different disciplines, discover their passion, and still graduate within four years.

If you are unclear about your choice of major, you're not alone. More first-year students enter Hiram as "undeclared" than as any other specific academic major. And, it can actually be to your advantage since you are open to considering new options and exploring how different disciplines relate to each other and to the world of work. So don't worry if you don't yet know exactly what you want to do. From first year to last, Hiram has plenty of services and opportunities to help you sort it out along the way.


Beginning with Hiram's First-Year Program, you'll develop a close, collaborative relationship with your academic adviser. Together, you will set a course on an academic path aligned to your interests, talents, abilities, and career goals.

Career Center

The Center actively supports students as they explore career options, gain work experience and enter the world of full-time employment. From the first year, students are encouraged to make use of center resources such as staff-directed workshops, internship/job postings, individualized advising, and self-paced computerized career-planning tools.

Centers of Distinction

You can explore everything from genetics to creative writing in our seven specialized centers which connect academic study to opportunities for experiential learning outside the traditional classroom setting.


Want to expand your creative thinking, problem solving, and networking skills? Learn how to innovate and profit personally and professionally from your academic passion through our Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship. Regardless of your major, develop your entrepreneurial "mindset and toolkit" through workshops, idea competitions, speaker series and residential learning community.

Student Organizations

Involvement outside the classroom can help you discover talents and develop leadership skills. You may surprise yourself!

Study Abroad

It doesn't matter what your major is - all Hiram students can study abroad. Study abroad experiences often lead to self-discovery and new interests.

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