Education at Hiram

The Hiram education program is designed to prepare intellectually alive, socially responsible and ethically grounded educational leaders.

The department offers two equally intensive and challenging majors. The traditional Education major prepares students for Ohio licensure which leads to teaching positions in public classrooms. Ohio licensure is transportable across the U.S. through the various states' departments of education. The Educational Studies major provides the background and knowledge necessary for students seeking opportunities in education-related careers that do not involve tradition classroom instruction or require licensure.

Field/Clinical/Internship Experiences

Prior to senior year, an Education major seeking licensure will have acquired approximately 300 hours of classroom experience with direct supervision by Hiram faculty. Field experience begins the first year with classroom observation in area schools. With time and experience, school visits become clinical experiences involving direct interaction with teachers and students. These progressively more intensive classroom clinical experiences prepare candidates for the capstone student teaching experience.

Educational Studies majors are required to complete an Internship experience. Under the close supervision of a member of the education faculty, the experience will take place in the student's specialized area of concentration. These may include, but are not limited to such areas as family, community and society, business and public policy, family and community health, etc.

Student Teaching

In the final year capstone experience, student teachers have a classroom of their own. They are involved in and responsible for academic instruction with the support of the cooperating teacher and the Hiram faculty supervisor. Though still a time of learning, this practicum is also a time of seeing one's career shape into reality in a practical and exciting way. It is an opportunity to develop a teaching style that is both effective and comfortable.

Education Club

This student-run organization works to promote the welfare and ongoing education of both children and adults. Activities and events have included organizing technology workshops, community service in area schools, hosting an international "World's Fair" for local 5th graders, sponsoring a campus Scholastic Book Fair, and organizing departmental social events.

Study Abroad

Education students can participate in a number of faculty-led study abroad trips. The most recent trip focusing on education was to Peru.

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