Frequently Asked Questions

Your search for answers is over (we hope). Take a look at some of the common questions people have about our adult undergraduate Weekend College programs. If you still have questions, we’re happy to help. Just fill out the short form on this page, and a representative will get back to you soon.

What is a Community College Partnership Program?

Community college partnership programs allow you to earn your associate degree from the community college and then transfer your coursework as you move on to bachelor’s degree, without ever leaving the community college campus. At Hiram you can transfer up to 75 hours from the community college toward your Hiram Degree – that’s more than half of the required 120 hours to earn your bachelor’s degree. Hiram College currently partners with Lorain County Community College, Cuyahoga Community College, and Lakeland Community College.

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What are the benefits of our partnership programs?

Complete your associate degree at a partnership while preparing to transfer to Hiram to complete your bachelor’s degree.

Courses are held at the partnership location or online and are taught by Hiram College faculty.

You can complete both your associate degree and a Hiram College bachelor’s degree entirely at a partnership location without having to travel to Hiram’s main campus.

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Is the partnership program right for you?

Yes, we offer online and blended courses in 8 week terms - two per semester. We currently offer about 10-15 online courses per semester; all other Weekend College courses are delivered in a blended format.

We also offer two majors fully online: Accounting and Financial Management and Business Management.

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How is the Hiram College semester structured?

Hiram College offers 8-week courses either in a blended format with classes meeting in person every other week on campus or fully online. Classes meet at night and/or on the weekends, allowing you to work full time and enjoy time with family and friends. The 8-week schedule means that new classes begin six times per year.

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Can I take courses at both institutions at the same time?

Yes. As a “dually enrolled” student you can begin your bachelor’s classes while finishing your associate work. Certain majors have specific associate-level classes which must be completed before dual enrollment. 

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What programs are available?

Through the community college partnerships, Hiram College offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Accounting and Financial Management, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Integrated Environmental Studies, and Marketing.

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What is the average course load? 

Students typically take 12 credit hours per semester across two eight-week term in order to qualify for full-time financial aid. Students frequently take between 6-9 hours on a part time basis. Students must take at least 6 hours to qualify for financial aid. The average number of credit hours for students in the partnerships is 10.5 per semester.

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How does the Partnership Program cost compare with other public and private institutions?

Our cost of $455 per credit hour is lower than other private colleges in Northeast Ohio and is comparable to that of public universities; couple that with a low comprehensive fee of $125 per semester, and you see why more than 2,300 adult students have graduated from Hiram College’s adult programs.

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Can I use tuition reimbursement from my employer to pay for college?

Yes. Many employers understand that obtaining a bachelor's degree will pay off for them in the long run as students develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Eligible students may defer their semester's tuition and fees for a nominal service charge.

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How does my financial aid work?

All students are eligible to apply for state and federal financial aid. The first step is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Through a consortium agreement, both institutions work together to coordinate financial aid.

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Am I a Hiram student or a community college student?

If you are admitted to the Dual Admission Program, completing your associate degree at a partnership and your bachelor’s degree at Hiram College, you will be a student of both schools. This special privilege entitles you to all facilities and services offered to regularly admitted students at both the partnership and Hiram College. You will receive a Hiram identification card as well as an identification card from the partnership institution that you are attending. 


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