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Transferring to Hiram: Alee's Story

Thinking about transferring to Hiram? Learn how your current credits will transfer over.

Alee Singer, Akron, Ohio


Alee did not do an extensive college search when she selected her first school. She only visited the school that she ended up attending, based on its ranking as “the fifth happiest college in the nation.” But she quickly found out the perils of trusting such statistics; instead of finding the promised joy, Alee spent most of the first semester in tears.

“It was far from home,” she said. “I didn’t know anyone. I felt that it was hard to get involved on campus. I met some good people, but it just really wasn’t the place for me.”

In her freshman psychology course, she found that she felt lost in a crowd.

“It felt like there were two hundred people in the classroom,” Alee said. “It was so hard to stand out in an environment like that. I didn’t get to know my professors or my academic adviser at all.”

Summer came and Alee returned to her home in Akron, knowing full well that her parents would have to drag her back. Her experience the past year had not been great, and she thought that she deserved better.

A month before classes would start up again, Alee and her parents began looking at colleges throughout Northeast Ohio. At the insistence of her parents, Hiram College, her uncle’s alma mater, was on the list.

“Absolutely not,” she protested. “I am not going to a small school. There is nothing there but cornfields.”

However, the off-the-cuff campus visit painted a much different story. Without an appointment, Alee and her family were able to meet with Andrea Caputo, Director of Financial Aid. There, they talked seriously about making Hiram College affordable. During her rather casual tour, Alee nonchalantly met the softball coach, and they quickly traded email addresses. Before this chance encounter, playing softball was not part of the college plan. Two weeks and a string of emails later, Alee was convinced that Hiram was the placed to be.

She found Hiram to be a place where it was easier to bond with people. “I immediately felt comfortable here. Everyone seemed friendlier. I am still friends with my academic adviser, even though I have already graduated. This is where I belonged.”

Alee graduated in 2012 and is the newest addition to the Hiram College Admission staff. “Who wouldn’t want to work for a school that they love so much?”

Does Alee’s story sound familiar? Maybe Hiram College should be in your future. For additional information about transfer admission, please click here.