Hiram College


Free tutoring is available for all students. All tutors, who have taken and passed the course with an A or B, are hired and trained by professional staff.

Kathryn Matthews Headshot

Kathryn Matthews

Graduate Assistant for ARCH Tutoring

Academic Resource Center at Hinsdale (ARCH) Tutoring:

Drop-in tutoring that occurs Monday-Thursday from 8-10pm in Hinsdale Hall. Students may come in at any time to ask questions and receive assistance with course material and study skills.

One-to-One Tutoring:

Meet individually with same tutor for up to an hour a week for a specific course. Tutors are available for most classes.

Can’t find a tutor for your subject at The ARCH?

Spring 2017 ARCH Tutoring Schedule

– Subject to Change

Subject Day Time Room
Acct 225 W 8-10 p.m. Hinsdale 114
Bio 133 T, R 9-10 p.m. Gerstacker 207
Bio 152 T 8-9 p.m. Hinsdale 120
Chem 162 T, R 8-9 p.m. Gerstacker 207
Chem 121 M 8-9 p.m. Hinsdale 121
Chem 320 M 8-9 p.m. Hinsdale 121
Computer Science S,M,T,W,R 8-10 p.m. Colton 106
Math 108,199 R 8-10 p.m. Hinsdale 110
Psychology 101, 215 T, W 8-10 p.m. Hinsdale 214
Spanish 101, 102, 201 M,T,W,R 8-9 p.m. Hinsdale 210
Study Skills M,T,W,R 8-10 p.m. Hinsdale 215, 218
Writing Assistance M,T,W,R 8-10 p.m. Hinsdale 216