Local undergraduate and graduate have the opportunity to complete non-credit certificate programs through Hiram College’s Global Institute for Management and Leadership this summer – for free.

Hiram College is offering five $1,000 scholarships to cover all costs associated with the program. Students can choose from one of two certificates: Information Technology and Operation Management or Management of Multinational Companies. The scholarship will cover all costs, including housing, associated with the program.

Completing either one of these non-credit certificate programs will give students the edge in the competitive job market. Apply now.

Learn more about the curriculum.

Information Technology and Operation Management

With a curriculum designed specifically for students pursuing engineering related interests, the Information Technology and Operation Management program will introduce students to the information, communication technologies and operations management skills necessary for success in today’s industries. In addition to supply chain management, logistics and entrepreneurship modules will prepare students with the skills not only to be successful, but to stand out from the crowd.

Students participating in this program will gain a cultural competency that can be translated into real world value to employers. The ability to cross cultural and domestic boundaries and learn how to work together are skills that cannot be overlooked in today’s society. At Hiram College, students will have an opportunity to bring together classroom experiences from nationally recognized faculty and surround themselves with people who are passionate about their success as they are.

Management of Multinational Companies

We live in a global society. Never has that been more true than today. Each day the barriers of space and time which previously divided us are becoming arbitrary obstacles which must be overcome in the process of doing everyday business.  Students graduating with degrees in business at the graduate and undergraduate level are often aware on an academic level that these complex multinational organizations and supply chains exist, but have had little opportunity to see that process in action, much less the opportunity to work with international and domestics students to understand the impact of industry on both ends.

The noncredit certificate, Management of Multi-national Companies provides students a forum and a community of scholars, entrepreneurs and businessmen to learn supply chain management, finance, international business skills and entrepreneurship skills which will provide real value to employers.

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