Hiram College


Theatre Arts Curriculum

Requirements for Majors

I. Core content:

Performance (8 hours): Theatre Arts 12000, 12100, 33100

Dramatic Literature and Theatre History (8 hours): Theatre Arts 24100/25100, 24200/25200

Theatrical Design and Technical Theatre (8 hours): Theatre Arts 17000/17900, 36000

II. Electives:

At least one additional course (9 hours minimum total) in each of the three areas, approved by the department.

III. Senior Experience:

Theatre Arts 48000 or 49800 (4 hours)

A major in theatre arts is designed to provide students with a historical, theoretical, and practical basis in theatre. The application of theory to practice is one of the basic teaching principles. Practical and theoretical courses are interrelated so that modern creative practice is grounded in comprehensive study of the history of the theatre, dramatic literature and related areas. All majors should participate in at least two productions each year.

The Senior Capstone Experience is required by all theatre majors. The student, in conjunction with the theatre faculty, will select a project that reflects the student’s major areas of study. The project should demonstrate the student’s understanding of both the practical and theoretical knowledge of the theatre and clearly reflect the student’s competency in the field. The project could be a major responsibility in a Hiram College production, or an off-campus experience.

The theatre arts department expects majors to participate in theatre productions and assist faculty directors and designers. Students apply their knowledge and training under performance conditions. Student directors, actors and technicians work with faculty members on a variety of creative and artistic efforts throughout the year, including two faculty-directed productions, two to four student-directed productions, 10-minute plays and 24-hour theatre productions. The department offices and theatre are located in Frohring Performing Arts Hall with the Renner Theater.

Requirements for Minors

I. Core:

Performance (3 hours): Theatre Arts 12000/12100 or Advanced Acting course.

Dramatic Literature and Theatre History (3/4 hours): Theatre Arts 14000 or 15000 or Advanced Theatre History.

Theatrical Design and Technical Theatre (4 hours): Theatre Arts 17000/17100 or Advanced Technical Theatre course.

II. Electives:

Three additional courses approved by the department.

Department Courses

  • Beginning Dance I
  • Fundamental Principles of Acting
  • Acting Lab
  • Survey in Dramatic Literature
  • Introduction to Theatre
  • The Art of the Theatre
  • Technical Production
  • History of Western Theatre I & II
  • Shakespeare in Performance
  • Storytelling in the Natural World
  • Creative Dramatics
  • Modern Drama
  • Readings in Dramatic Literature I & II
  • American Drama and Theatre
  • Classical Drama
  • Empty Spaces
  • History of the Movies
  • Theory and Practice of Scene Design
  • Theory and Practice of Stage Lighting
  • Shakespeare
  • Three Dimensional Design
  • Projects in Acting
  • Fundamentals of Play Directing Projects in Directing
  • Fundamentals of Design for the Theatre
  • Projects in Design Stage Management
  • For a full list and descriptions, see the Course Catalog.