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Developing the artist for the larger world

In addition to learning technique, skill and craft, Hiram art students learn to be "thinking artists" equipped with visual problem-solving, critical thinking, and visual and verbal communication skills. Students often combine their studies in art with interests in music, writing, communications, education, biology, psychology, environmental science and many other fields.

visual learners

The art department strives to engage students in the power of fine art as a visual language. It provides students with opportunities to experience and explore this visual language and its meaning from a creative and historical perspective. Students are nurtured to explore their own creative vision and expressive voice, as well as develop skills that are more broadly applicable to diverse creative disciplines.

Within the context of the liberal arts tradition, Hiram’s art program emphasizes inquiry and experimentation, critical evaluation, personal reflection, collaborative dialogue and a consciousness of the larger world. Hiram’s art department encourages motivated students with diverse academic interests to design their own interdisciplinary course of study. With intimate class sizes, art students receive considerable attention, and enjoy close interaction with art faculty and fellow art students.

Lisa Bixenstine Safford Headshot

Lisa Bixenstine Safford, Ph.D.

Professor of Art History
Chair of the Art Department
Director Peace Corps Prep Program

Lisa Bixenstine Safford is a full professor of art history, and art department chair at Hiram College where she also recently served as Chair of the Faculty.

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