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Hiram College’s 3+2 dual-degree social work program, in partnership with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, prepares students not just for social work testing requirements, but also for a diverse range of careers.

Elizabeth Piatt Headshot

Elizabeth Piatt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology

Social Work is a part of Hiram Health

Health is at the core of everything we do at Hiram College. It’s in our curriculum, in our residence halls and in our programming. It’s in everything we do. The liberal arts education you receive at Hiram will provide a strong foundation for your health care career aspirations.

The sociological imagination enables us to grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society. That is its task and its promise.

-C. Wright Mills

Sociologists face the challenging task of analyzing and interpreting the social world while living in the midst of it. Hiram’s academic program is designed to provide sociology students with the research tools and techniques essential for performing comprehensive and accurate inquiries into human events within a social context. Sociology is a scientific discipline — replete with theories, forms of data, and methods of analysis – that offers a systematic way of knowing the social worlds in which we and others live. Sociology majors at Hiram hone skills in critical thinking, analytic writing, applied analyses, oral communication, and in drawing connections between complex social phenomena and their own lives in context.

Sociology majors are required to take Introduction to Sociology (SOAN 155), Statistics (MATH 108), two Senior Seminar Courses (Sociological Methods and Sociological Theory) and a national Major Field Assessment Test in sociology, as well as elective courses that they choose. In addition to elective courses in other substantive areas, Hiram sociology majors have the chance to develop strength through elective courses in two broad areas within sociology: social inequality and diversity, and sociology of health, illness, and health care. See the Hiram College Catalog for additional details about the major’s requirements.