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Religious Studies

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religious studies

The Department of Religious Studies has a long and proud history of making the academic study of religion easily available to anyone who wishes to develop a deeper understanding of this basic part of human experience. A background in this field provides solid footing for work in various areas of philosophy, political science, psychology and sociology.

Religion does in fact permeate society, and it has done so ever since cave dwellers began to draw on the walls of their homes and workers in clay began to fashion their images.

Hiram College graduates who have majored in religious studies pursue a wide variety of careers. Among others, these include business, public school education, teaching at the university or seminary level, social work, the practice of law, the practice of medicine, law-enforcement at the national level, and professional religious service.

Kerry Martin Skora Headshot

Kerry Martin Skora, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Religious Studies
Director, Hiram-Bhutan Cultural Exchange Program