Hiram College

Checking the pulse on public health

Students supplement their liberal arts education through experiential learning in public health, integrating community-based learning opportunities with classroom instruction.

Christopher A. Mundorf Headshot

Christopher A. Mundorf, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Community and Public Health


Health is at the core of everything we do at Hiram College. It’s in our curriculum, in our residence halls and in our programming. It’s in everything we do. The liberal arts education you receive at Hiram will provide a strong foundation for your health care career aspirations.

Students complete service hours while they engage in health promotion; planning, implementing or evaluating health education; understanding diversity and improving health literacy.

Hiram’s public health undergraduates can personalize their major by specializing in coursework taught through trans-disciplinary offerings including biology, entrepreneurship, communication, management, sociology and integrative exercise science.

Public health is a discipline that addresses health at a population level. It deals with everything from climate change and the opioid epidemic to community violence, health care and obesity. It involves people from biology, chemistry, management, political science, sociology, psychology and communication all working together for a common purpose.

Public health professionals work together to conduct the following activities:

  • Understand
    • Gather information and evidence that informs how we intervene and act.
  • Act
    • Intervene by keeping healthy people as healthy as possible.
    • Intervene by ensuring that people who are unwell receive access to care the treatment.