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Pre-Med: Curriculum and Advising Requirements

Curriculum Recommendations

Medical schools seek students with broad backgrounds in the liberal arts, excellent work in a core of science courses and a strong concentration in one academic area. Most Hiram medical school applicants choose to major in biomedical humanities or one of our other science majors, though students of any major can be accepted.

No matter what the major, medical school applicants must take a specified minimum number of courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Most take the MCAT exam in the spring of their junior year.

Before that, students need to complete the following Hiram courses:

  • Psychology 101000
  • Sociology 155000
  • Introductory Biology I and II (BIO 15100 and 15200)*
  • Structure and Bonding (CHEM 12000)*
  • Introduction to Chemical Analysis (CHEM 12100)*
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry (CHEM 22000)
  • Intermediate Organic Chemistry (CHEM 32000)
  • Fundamentals of Physics I and II (PHYS 21300 and PHYS 21400) or Principles of Physics I & II (PHYS 11300 and 11400)**
  • *The Health Science Board urges all serious candidates for medical school to complete at least one of the biology or chemistry courses above during their first year at Hiram.

**Mathematics 19800 and 19900 (Calculus I and II) are prerequisites for the calculus-based physics courses.


The Health Science Board assists future medical students in completing curricular and testing requirements during their time at Hiram. Students should meet with one of the pre-med advisors before the end of their freshman year to discuss and plan coursework for subsequent years.

Along with the courses listed above, some medical schools require additional courses in chemistry and biology. Hiram graduation requirements in composition and literature meet the English requirements of most medical schools. Some admissions committees may require courses in the humanities. Students should consult the catalogs of specific medical schools to determine which additional science and non-science courses are required for admission.

Cara Constance, Ph.D.
Erin Lamb, Ph.D.


Hiram students pursuing direct admittance into Northeast Ohio Medical University must major or minor in biomedical humanities and meet additional requirements. Learn more.

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