Hiram College

Natural History Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Examining our world

Natural historians examine the world to determine the relationships between organisms, how they developed and evolved, and how they interact with their environment. A minor in natural history provides students with a concentration of knowledge and skills through experiential, field-based coursework, internship opportunities and a capstone experience. The study of natural history is the foundation of the biological sciences and is fundamental to place-based studies, nature interpretation and environmental education.

Through this minor, students develop skills and knowledge that can be applied to a diversity of professions. Students in the minor are expected to develop inquiry skills — such as observation, problem formulation, data collection and critical analysis — and the ability to apply field skills and integrated theory of organismal biology and ecological systems to the assessment of real-world problems.

Please contact Sarah Mabey, Ph.D. (program coordinator) at mabeyse@hiram.edu or 330.569.5847 with any questions.

Advisory Committee

  • Jugdep S. Chima, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Lisa Bixenstine Safford, Ph.D., Professor of Art History, Chair of Art Department
  • Merose Hwang, Ph.D., Acting Coordinator of Asian Studies Minor, Assistant Professor of History
  • Kerry Martin Skora, Ph.D. Professor and Chair of Religious Studies, Director of Hiram-Bhutan Exchange Program
Sarah Mabey Headshot

Sarah Mabey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies
Natural History Minor Coordinator