Hiram College

Requirements for the Minor

Students interested in the Integrative Exercise Science minor are required to complete a minimum of 3 core courses offered through the Integrative Exercise Science Department and Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II offered through the Biology Department (19 credit hours), 1 elective (3-4 credit hours), and complete a culminating experience through an internship or research project (1-3 credit hours).

1. Required core courses for minor (19 hours):

  • BIOL 13100/13300 Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II (8) (Recommended co-requisite CHEM 16100)
  • IES 10100 Foundations of Exercise Science (3)
  • IES 31200 Physiology of Muscular Activity and Exercise (4) (Lab experience; Prerequisite BIOL 13100 or permission)
  • IES 40000 Exercise Testing and Prescription (4) (Lab experience; Prerequisite BIOL 13100/13300 and IES 31200 or permission)

2. Electives – choose 1 elective (3-4 hours):

  • IES 23300 Personal and Community Health (3)
  • IES 24400 Athletic Training (3)
  • IES 30900 Sports Psychology (3)
  • IES 31100 Nutrition and Fitness (3)
  • IES 39700 Fitness Administration and Organization (3)
  • IES 40100 Exercise Testing and Prescription for Special Populations (4) (Lab experience; Prerequisite BIOL 13100/13300 and IES 31200 or permission)

3. Capstone experience (1-3 hours):

Students are required to complete a capstone experience in which they will work closely with a faculty member in the application of this experience.  After or in conjunction with the specialty coursework, students will complete an internship or research project to enhance their experience. Students will be responsible for completing both writing and presentation components.

  • Enroll in IES 48000 Senior Seminar/Capstone and IES 481 or 498
  • IES 481 Independent Research: students will be responsible for designing, implementing, and completing a research project under the supervision of a faculty member.
  • IES 49800 Internship: this can be an on- or off-campus experience that is based upon the student’s specialty interest. 30 hours of didactic contact time per hour are required.