Hiram College

Beyond the basics

A major in French requires nine courses beyond French 20100 (Intermediate French I), and must include advanced grammar and composition, phonetics, civilization and literature. In addition, a senior paper and a course in French history are required. Students are also encouraged to supplement their majors, as scheduling allows, by taking courses in such areas as: religion, philosophy, other literature, art history and music history. French majors are required to have a study experience abroad, either in France or another French-speaking country and a 2-hour capstone.

For full descriptions, see the Course Catalog.

Study Abroad Requirement

Foreign language majors must study abroad for at least one term. They may participate in any of the programs described below; other options to satisfy this requirement must be approved by the Department.

Faculty members of the department lead study abroad programs in France during a regular twelve-week term of the year, or during an intensive three-week session. Students may also choose to spend more time abroad at Centers of the Institute of European Studies in Nantes, Paris, Freiberg, or Madrid. Students who complete their major work while abroad for a year must take at least one upper-level course (30000 level) in the department during their senior year.