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Reading and writing are at the heart of human culture.

The English major at Hiram College offers students the flexibility to tailor their education to their own personal goals. Working closely with a faculty mentor, students design a course plan, seek out internships, and develop senior capstone projects that allow them to reach their full potential. English majors also have the opportunity to become involved with the creative writing program, one of the few in Ohio to highlight creative nonfiction while also offering advanced coursework in fiction, poetry, and screenwriting.

Getting to the heart of your studies

Reading and writing are at the heart of human culture. Through the literature that we read and the literature that we create, we connect with others in our own communities and around the world.

As unique as you are

The English curriculum offers a rare approach to the discipline, combining the study of cultural and literary traditions of the world with American and British literature. The program has a broad and innovative curriculum that includes the study of classics such as Homer and Shakespeare, as well as contemporary popular culture topics, including comics and Stephen King novels.

Hiram English majors learn how to develop a better understanding of other cultures through the examination of literature and how to interpret language and culture statistics and apply them to understanding cultural trends through a modeling methods class. They also review the history and origins of language through a linguistics class and have the opportunity to analyze a single author or literary work in-depth during the 3-Week term.

Jeff Swenson Headshot

Jeff Swenson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair of English
Director of Writing Across the Curriculum

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