Hiram College

Creative Writing

Traditional Undergraduate Major Only

As unique as you are

Hiram students are creative, focused and passionate about their area of study. The creative writing major allows students to live out their personal passion for creativity while maintaining a rigorous course of study. In fact, students must take at least two advanced writing workshops (most programs only require one) and will often complete graduate-level work, which means they are better prepared to enter Master of Fine Arts programs and/or the workforce. Hiram is also one of the few programs in Ohio to highlight creative nonfiction while also offering advanced coursework in fiction, poetry and screenwriting.

A hands-on, customizable learning environment

The creative writing program emphasizes the workshop model, providing greater opportunity for applied learning. The curriculum is centered primarily around creative nonfiction writing, providing students with flexibility in their future career choices. And, to ensure flexibility, students can learn how to effectively write about specific subject matter through the “Writing About…” workshop series, giving them an opportunity to tailor the curriculum to their interests and future goals.

Fast Facts

  • Hiram is one of the few schools in Ohio to offer a creative writing major that is independent from the English major.
  • Select students can gain work/teaching experience while earning class credit and a paycheck by working as writing assistants at the Writing Center.
  • Hiram’s “Screenwriting” class is unique to the program as it is typically only offered as part of a filmmaking program at most schools.
Jeff Swenson Headshot

Jeff Swenson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair of English
Director of Writing Across the Curriculum