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Business Management CCC

A Tri-C Partnership Program

Managers are decision makers who are in charge of a certain group of tasks or a specific subgroup of a company and they often have a staff of people that directly report to them.

They are effective communicators who excel in critical thinking, problem solving, strategic planning, and management of procedures and policies. Taking coursework, as part of the business management program at Hiram College will strengthen student’s skill set in these areas and prepares them for a career in business management.

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Gayle Bruno-Gannon

Tri-C Site Coordinator

Hiram College is proud to partner with Cuyahoga Community College to bring Bachelor of Arts degrees in accounting and financial management and business management to community college campuses.

Business management

As a manager, you’re expected to be able to reason clearly and express yourself effectively. Hiram’s business management curriculum will help strengthen these skills, while allowing you to explore current business principles, leadership skills, applied management practices and more to build a comprehensive skillset to leverage your career.

Hiram’s degree completion programs let you:

  • Transfer up to 75 hours of eligible credits
  • Earn your bachelor’s degree in as few as 18 months through dual enrollment programs
  • Complete coursework online and attend classes every other weekend on campus

Coursework will include accounting, economics, marketing, organizational behavior, and research methods and design classes. Students will select either a marketing track or an organizational leadership track as the area of concentration in the business management major.

There are numerous career options with a degree in business management in both the non-profit and for-profit sector, and examples include: business analyst, account executive, human resources manager, and production manager. Our faculty members create an online learning environment that extends beyond the classroom and includes their real-world experience, which will fully prepare you for a career in business management.

Note: The business management program is available both as a fully online degree program and as a ground-based degree program at Hiram College.

Business Management pathway at Tri-C