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Art Study Abroad Programs

Hiram's art department has been a leader in offering off-campus experiential learning opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

Since 1959, Hiram’s art faculty has created and led on-site art history and studio art courses in a variety of countries. Art students are encouraged to take advantage of Hiram’s study away opportunities, whether art-related trips or otherwise. Study abroad is highly valued as an excellent way to broaden and deepen one’s exposure to visual and intellectual sources, as well as developing personal responsibility, tolerance and global citizenship.

Some of our study abroad courses will take students to Italy to investigate the great monuments of antiquity, the Renaissance, and Baroque ages, to France to learn of art in Paris and in the deep south region of Provence, or to Japan to explore the heritage of Shinto and Buddhism in monuments and gardens of the main Hokkaido island. At Hiram College, the study and practice of a craft is paired with an interdisciplinary liberal arts education, providing arts students a variety of career and graduate school options. The photography minor complements many major areas of study and gives students a creative outlet for their passions.