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Ken Moore

The best preparation for Ken Moore ‘69’s law career came from his involvement in the Hiram College debate team.

“We had a really good debate team, and we traveled all over the country,” he said. “So I had a chance to see places like Northwestern University, Notre Dame, and so forth, and participate in debates against students from those well-known schools. And frankly, it showed how good the Hiram education was, because we did quite well, thank you.”

Moore, a triple major in political science, social science and history - is now on the Hiram College Board of Trustees and partner at Squires Sanders. For him, “First at Hiram” means the advantage Hiram College students get from opportunities like the one he had on the debate team. And because of the school’s small size, students are able to be leaders in multiple activities, instead of choosing just one.

“You can do multiple things,” he said. “I was in student government, I was in debate, and I was serious about my academics. And I know if I had gone to other schools … I could’ve done one of those things.”

Students at Hiram College also benefit from the personal attention they receive from faculty and staff and the way every student is put “first.”

“Hiram is a place where people know your name,” he said. “You will make friends here, and you will know faculty personally.”

Because of those personal relationships students develop, and because of the numerous opportunities afforded to them, Moore believes a Hiram College education can hold its own against Ivy League schools.

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“I know this because I went onto Harvard law school, and I had the chance to see how my education stacked up against the education of other people,” he said. “And I’m here to tell you that the Hiram education was really good.”

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