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Jared Drummer '08

Jared Drummer ’08 sees the value of a Hiram College education in the workplace every day.

The chance he had to learn beyond the classroom – in leadership positions, through community involvement, through the connection between athletics and academics – prepared him for job-related tasks. He now works at PNC Bank as an officer and operations manager in Commercial Client Services - Engagement and Initiative Support.

And in that sense, “First at Hiram” means standing out among the competition and being prepared for what’s next.

 “When I graduated, I took all those values that I learned at Hiram: the opportunity to do time management (and) balance my schedule and abilities … into the real world, which I think is really beneficial in today’s economy,” Jared said.

He studied business management with an economics minor, played two sports (golf and swimming) and served as Student Senate President during his time as a Hiram student. This breadth of hands-on experience is something he doesn’t think he would have gotten anywhere else.

“I think that Hiram adapts to students, fits to their need, lets students (get what they want) out of it, as well as makes them the best possible person for the future they might have,” he said.

One such opportunity that prepared Jared for his future was his Stock Investments course. In this class, students had the opportunity to manage a $20,000 portfolio, trading stocks and evaluating new opportunities, to provide the best return on the investment.

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“I think (it) is a great opportunity,” he said. “The college trusted students, ages 18 to 22, to manage real money and have the opportunity to really see how the world market worked.”

Another experience that stands out was his term serving as Senate president.

“I had the opportunity to really lead a group of strong individuals across the campus, which has now taken me to my current role, where I work with a great, strong group of individuals,” Jared said. “And I take the leadership I gained at Hiram, being student president (to) where I am today at my current job.”

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