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Joshua Turner '15

It didn’t take long for Joshua Turner ’15 to make his mark at Hiram College.

The number of opportunities he has had in two short years to build his space, to try new things and to make connections with students and faculty, truly signifies “First at Hiram.”

“Hiram is a place where if you come here to find that thing that fits you, you’ll probably find it,” said Joshua, a sociology major from Cleveland. “And if it’s not here, you can make it. And then someone else will have probably the same niche.”

His on-campus involvement began with his First Year Colloquium class, the Art of Making Dough. In this class, he had the opportunity to be part of the Terrier Bakery in its first year. The Terrier Bakery is a student-run business venture founded by French Professor Ella Kirk. It sells French pastries, cookies and breads, baked by students in the class.

But his involvement with the venture didn’t end when his class did, at the end of freshman year. He is now a Teaching Assistant for the course, and plans to stay involved as the bakery continues to grow.

“It’s honestly kind of become my dream, too,” he said.

In being part of the Terrier Bakery, he learned something about himself: that he was good at communicating with others and sharing ideas. His professor, therefore, appointed him “chief marketing executive,” with the goal of bringing in new customers to the bakery.

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Joshua said he plans to use the skills he learned from the Terrier Bakery as he progresses through the sociology major, and eventually into the field. He hopes to one day be an activist, so walking up to someone he didn’t know to talk to them about the bakery helped him gauge how people react to his words.

His plans for his remaining years at Hiram include studying abroad and continuing to be involved as a campus leader. (He’s a Resident Assistant and president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, in addition to being a Teaching Assistant.)

“I think college in general should be about coming and creating your space and letting other people in,” Joshua said. “Hiram is one of those colleges where your space, no matter how small it is, will become larger if you just tell one person, because then more people learn about it.”

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