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Megan Orosz '13

To Megan Orosz ’13, “First at Hiram” means she’s found a way to chart a course that’s uniquely “her.”

A nursing major from Mentor, Ohio, she has delved into nearly every facet of campus life.

She has been team captain for the cross country team; she serves on the Habitat for Humanity planning committee; she is a Garfield Scholar, officer and founder of the student group Terrier Action for Smart Choices and president of Delta Chi Lambda; she has been a peer tutor, Admission tour guide, a part of the Welcome Center staff and an Orientation Leader.

Megan knew she wanted to be a leader on campus from the first time she visited, when her student tour guide rattled off a long list of clubs he was involved in. She could see how passionate he was about getting prospective students excited about the opportunities at Hiram.

“Oh my gosh, I can be this kid,” she thought. And since her freshman year, she has done nothing but embrace everything the college has to offer.

A particularly life-changing experience came when she studied abroad with Hiram to the Dominican Republic during summer 2012. The trip was service-learning based; students worked with a local Dominican charity to provide science and health education to young children.

“When you go on a study abroad trip, your mind is exploded. You realize that the world is so big, and at the same time it’s so small,” Megan said. “I brought back with me the awareness that people are living in different ways.”

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Her study abroad experience, combined with her involvement in other campus activities and classes, have thrown off her plans to simply be a nurse.

“Hiram ignited a spirit in me of wanting to appreciate everything, wanting to sample everything,” she said.

“I’ll be a college graduate from a liberal arts institution with a nursing degree, and I want to take that forward and do any random job that comes my way and sparks an interest. So it’s kind of comforting to know that I can do lots of other things. I think in five to 10 years, I’ll have done nursing work, but I’ll also be searching for other career paths. I want to taste everything the world has to offer. I might be in a different country; I might be here at home. Who really knows?”

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