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Julia Fabich '15

There’s something to be said about immediately feeling “at home” when visiting a new place for the first time. And it’s truly remarkable for that to happen during a power outage and snowstorm.

But that’s exactly what Julia Fabich ’15, an education major from Ashland, felt when she visited Hiram College. Snow and ice had cancelled classes for students, but campus tours went on as planned.

“Everyone was joking around that the power was out, and I don’t know, they just made the atmosphere fun,” Julia remembers. “Just stepping here on campus, seeing the atmosphere, I don’t know why it felt like home, but this was the place for me.”

She has felt “first” since that first day she spent on campus. After officially starting as a student in August 2011, her admission counselor recommended her for a student job in the Office of Admission. Other people she has met have helped her build connections that have led to babysitting and pet sitting jobs and involvement with the Women’s Council.

“It makes me feel like I’m wanted here; it makes me feel like I’m a person here at Hiram,” Julia said. “It goes back to those initial connections. They’ve given me the opportunities I never thought I’d have as a college student, and it’s nice to see that I can have those opportunities.”

She feels strongly about the advantage she will have when she leaves Hiram for the competitive field of teaching, because Hiram education majors start their in-classroom experiences earlier than their peers at other institutions.

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“An advantage of starting early with student teaching here at Hiram is that we’re able to get more experience out in the workforce and out in the community as well,” Julia said. “When we’re teaching with other teachers, we’re able to see all the different varieties that teachers have. Because it’s not just one semester observing other teachers – it’s three or four or five semesters.”

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