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Carson Applewhite '14

Carson Applewhite ’14 is blazing a new path for Hiram College nurses to come.

She is the first student in Hiram’s young nursing program to be elected to a Board of Directors position for the Ohio Student Nurses Association.

She was chosen for the position of Community Health Director in October 2012, over candidates from other nursing programs across the state. In this position, she will connect with other nursing programs and students in Ohio to help them provide outreach in their communities.

 “I think it will give me an opportunity to push myself, to make that change, and to really pursue those leadership opportunities that have been available to me, but I haven’t been able to grasp,” she said.

Pushing her own limits is nothing new to Carson, a native of San Francisco. In fact, it’s something that’s defined her time as a student at Hiram.

After studying abroad to Zambia with the nursing program in 2010, her eyes were opened to the stark differences between health care here in the U.S. versus a third world country.

With the encouragement of her professors, she applied for a summer program with Child Family Health International, where she taught AIDS and HIV outreach in Peru during summer 2012. She had previously traveled to Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua for health outreach programs, and has another trip planned to Paraguay in summer 2013.

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“I knew that what I wanted to do was international public health and education,” Carson said. “Zambia kind of nudged open that door a lot more than it already was … to really not only see stark differences in health care, but to notice things I wanted to change about them, things that I thought were issues and things that I thought I could do.”

She has big plans post-graduation, and knows the unique opportunities she has had at Hiram will serve her well as she goes out into the world.

“I really hope I can pursue pediatric oncology, and I also want to work three months out of every year abroad,” Carson said.

“Hiram not only helps me develop as a leader, but they’ve given me tools and the critical thinking skills that help me grow professionally. And I now have the knowledge to move forward with those goals. And I think that in ten years, hopefully, I’ll be on track to doing all those things, and I will have a lot to thank Hiram for.”

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